Nintendo Switch My Way – Super Mario Odyssey & Super Mario Party

Nintendo Switch My Way – Super Mario Odyssey & Super Mario Party

Play the games you love, however you like. Buy Super Mario Odyssey and Super Mario Party now!

Learn more about Nintendo Switch!
Super Mario Odyssey is Available Now!
Super Mario Party is Available Now!

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76 Responses

  1. Starving Kid From Africa says:

    I could have eaten this party!

  2. Jeremiah Worley says:

    Yes, thank you Nintendo.

  3. Peach-Hime Blossom says:

    🌸🎀Thank You Nintendo🎀🌸

  4. Christian Kohlberger says:

    Remember Nintendos WiiU ads?
    This is them now.
    Feel old yet?

  5. Darkrai says:

    I love you Nintendo for all the games you made

  6. OOF Please says:

    It would be nicer if we saw more gameplay in these comercials

  7. likes2play says:

    *wE wAnT sUpEr MaRiO oDeYsSeY 2*

    *Or an DLC! Nintendo open your eyes*

    • Valxiya says:

      Nah they need to focus on Metroid Prime 4.

    • Corey Phillips says:

      Odeyssey two? why? how would it even continue? Is bowser jr gonna kidnapp toadette and you play as a toad? 😂

    • Fireball TTR says:

      Bi0hazard no we need release date for LM3. Mario Maker Deluxe isn’t conning, most think, but it’s a great game. Nintendo add it in

    • Valxiya says:

      +Fireball TTR
      Honestly, what happened to Fire Emblem Three houses and Bayonetta 3? They’d probably get more love than LM3, honestly. Don’t get me wrong, I love Luigi’s Mansion, but its kind of frustrating to see trailers for these games at E3 and then…nothing.

    • unknowjlm says:

      I don’t want DLCs unless they’re free. Speak for yourself! …

  8. Chase 64 Cubed says:

    You know a game is good when it is still being advertised a year later. ❤Mario Odyssey❤

  9. Indie Denise says:

    Put Nintendo64/GameCube games on the switch.

  10. Rikukey2 says:

    Thought it was a gta 5 announcement at first lol

  11. JM Revelo says:

    pfft! this guy didn’t even go to a rooftop party

  12. Liam L says:

    Who calls out to there taxi driver and says I GOT THE MOON! lol

  13. SiMonster says:

    Should do a Metroid Prime Trilogy to make up for 4’s delay.

    Also Reggie, get workin’ on Mother 3, ok? 👌

  14. Sol Anima Network says:

    Remember when people said the Switch was gonna fail?

    *Good times…*

    • Look At My Name says:

      I told people not to count out the company that literally paved the way for mobile and motion gaming!

    • supr maro 46 says:

      Killer Quenn 1601 your spelling is ridicolus.

    • Look At My Name says:

      +Oh Yeah Yeah 2.0 you must be right, because I have an XB1 & PS4, and been thinking about selling both to replace with a Switch, at least until the next gen systems drop!

      Mario Cart and SSB is all I’ll be needing!

  15. VSPlayer 01 says:

    Nintendo direct confirmed in 2119!

  16. BlazeTheDrago says:

    thank you nintendo

  17. Justin Y. says:

    The virgin WiiU ad vs the Chad Nintendo Switch advert

  18. RobHP says:

    Super Nintendo games on the switch and you’re all set Nintendo.

  19. RogersBase says:

    That’s my kinda party. 👌

  20. Vsauce Puppet says:

    These ads are actually really good

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