Nintendo Switch My Way – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo Switch My Way – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Gaming icons clash in the ultimate showdown with the latest entry in the iconic series. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Find Your Way to Play.

Learn more about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

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77 Responses

  1. ElVice OS says:

    Imagine leaking what comes after update 3.0
    This comment was made by the Best Buy gang

  2. Skymin Plays says:

    And I thought April fools was on the 1st

  3. Alexander Garcia says:

    Sakurai: “Could you not leak my game… FOR 5 MINUTES?!”

  4. Anthony Rosas says:

    Nintendo:”I’m about to end BEST BUYS whole career”

  5. Shiro-Luna says:

    Please don’t give us Smash 4 stage builder.
    Instead, give us the Brawl stage builder, as that was much more fun, albeit limited.

  6. Mr. Squig says:

    Sakurai: god i really need a break from all these leakers, am i right, nintendo haha

    Nintendo: 0:02

  7. Marcus Registre says:

    >”Finally got Inkling”
    >One of the first characters you unlock in the game.

  8. Montanachief Returns says:

    I’m excited about stage builder, but…

    *is it okay if I question how that kid just got Inkling and is then somehow good enough to beat his friends without getting pickled really easily*

  9. NPRoyalty says:

    Best Buy: You don’t have any major leaks like us.

    Nintendo: *Hold my Joy Con.*

  10. Winter Time says:

    Nintendo, you really expect me to believe that he unlocked inkling,
    *mained him in 4.35 minutes* and has stage builder before the 3.0 update is out?

    *Well ya damn right*

  11. a dude says:

    Look at this dude…Inkling is one of the first characters you unlock and he’s hype over “finally” copping it…

  12. TheGeremy12 says:

    Sakurai: Put stage builder in the trailer
    Staff: But sir, we don’t have a stage builder
    Sakurai: Exactly, and once they figure that out, they’ll never believe another leak again

  13. DFS Shusa says:

    Inkling is now the official mascot of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

  14. Bradley Zangue says:

    When Nintendo leaks stuff that hasn’t been officially announced yet :

    Outstanding move

  15. Majora says:



  16. The Random King says:

    100% Stage builder
    0% Other

  17. Retro Villain says:

    “I play to win” – Picks Inkling – Spams roller – sounds about right.

  18. BlueYoshi says:

    No way, did they actually just reveal…


  19. Whiph Tikoto says:

    Plot Twist, maybe this wasn’t a leak..

    Maybe it was an *announcement*

  20. King Marth says:

    You expected leakers to be your first leak to 3.0.0
    But it was me, Nintendio

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