Nintendo Switch painful launch

Nintendo Switch painful launch

Many Switch users are experiencing problems from day one. Reports are submitted everyday with new pictures and videos. Loud crashes, errors, bricked blue/orange screens, dead pixels, ingame artifacts, unrecognized cartridges, loose/woobly joycons, scratches and design flaws.
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20 Responses

  1. Max Nobel says:

    I guess I’ll just wait for Black Friday.

  2. Jasmine Vasquez says:

    LOL and this is or suppose to replace my 3DS yeah right im sticking with 3DS I can drop it and its still works perfectly, my little nephew takes a pencil or pen and uses it on the touch screen and nooooo scratches. I even played outside when it was raining and still a good working 3ds. Nah i wait to the glitches are fix and then i will buy it for now Pokemon sun.

  3. Daniel Cannata says:

    Nintendo, Capcom, *ALL* the Japanese companies treat their western customers like fucking *IDIOTS!!!!*FUCK them. I haven’t bought anything with their names on it in over 10 years. And I’m not about to start now.

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    this is even sweeter than the wii u failure, die nintendo! your the next sega – welcome to the next level – of hell!

  5. Jamie MacMillan says:

    Nintendo should be ashamed, they’ve released one of the most innovative products of the last decade and they’ve royally fucked up, I was looking forward to getting one but it’s £300 odd saved

  6. Aqeel Branagan says:

    This must’ve set the record for the fastest time a console died even the wii lasted longer then this garbage

  7. DammitLeeroy says:

    The dead pixel message Nintendo issued is ridiculous. Of course pixels on LCD screens will die eventually but for them to be dead already on a device with no play time is just unacceptable.

  8. Roll, Super Cleaning Robot says:

    all gaming platforms have issues.
    remember the PS4 blue line of death?
    remember the XBONE optical drive issues?
    and as for PC? viruses. hard drive screwups. certain parts just flat out refusing to work.
    this isn’t a never before seen occurence.

  9. Thatone Lolcat says:


  10. KGamer1 says:

    TBH, a console (software and hardware wise) never really starts great, like the Xbox 360 and the red ring of of death, give the console time and they’ll probably fix these errors

  11. Jayce Moore says:

    This comment section is really fucking stupid.

  12. Lesha VanHell says:

    This is why I dont buy consoles on launch 😀 people who do are just beta testers for the rest of us lol!!

  13. Bob The Builder says:

    Sorry guys, I can’t fix that

  14. The Derp Meister says:

    What if it’s aliens trying to contact us

  15. Kiawe says:

    Are people still waiting for a “perfect” console because that never happens. If you’ve already forgotten, the PS4 launch consoles were shit. Play station is honestly a great console but by just going off of its launch it was absolute garbage. The closest thing to a perfect system that doesn’t have day one hardware issues is a PC. I also love how most comments are saying that just because it’s Nintendo they always get a break, actually it’s the opposite. Just because it is Nintendo they’re always shitted on for the smallest mistakes so this isn’t something they needed. But that still doesn’t cancel the Switch’s record breaking sales along with Breath of the Wild, being the most sold Nintendo launch game since Mario 64, so can we all just wait a few months for the hardware to finally settle in and for patches. I personally got a Switch launch day (along with a 2-year warranty) and I’ve had no problems. These problems are probably only 1-5% of launch day Switch’s.

  16. machiv21 says:

    Nintendo is one of the many dislikes

  17. Cedars says:

    Lmao my NES and SNES are still in pristine condition and my Switch already isn’t just four days after I got it.

  18. Logan says:

    I’m just gonna wait a couple of months for this to be addressed and fixed.

  19. Call me Clutch gaming says:

    So you saying that Nintendo switch is a joke ??

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