Nipsey Hussle’s Memorial: Watch YG’s Heartfelt Tribute Alongside DJ Mustard

Nipsey Hussle’s Memorial: Watch YG’s Heartfelt Tribute Alongside DJ Mustard

The rapper delivered an emotional speech, while standing alongside DJ Mustard, in honor of the late rapper at the Celebration of Life event at Los Angeles’ Staples Center on Thursday.

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76 Responses

  1. JoelGamingXP says:

    RIP to a very great rap you will also be there in my heart

  2. phil shirazi says:

    A brother from another color thats what we need to do in cali man unite the government want us to fight against each other so they can push martial law and shit, lets not let nip die in vain. no hatred. one love..

    • Isaac Simpson says:

      mynameis he talking about bloods and crips ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

    • Isaac Simpson says:

      Cartier Dankk aside from that they want prisons full and a militarized police force. It’s all about ????…Ppl who think that is some grand conspiracy are denying facts and the core of capitalism.

    • romero1981 says:

      phil shirazi go smoke some more bro, you ain’t living in reality

    • Bruno Linham says:

      +mynameis he says brother from another collor cuz Crips are Blue n Blood are Red, totally oposity colours and Nip made’em together, One Love Nip, RIP! <3

    • Melanin_Gawdess Jones says:

      +mynameis I’ll play devils advocate for a moment……..if bloods & crips are dumbassses than republican & democrats are as well, rather you believe it or not political parties are gangs the only difference is power. At least some crips or bloods do for their community unlike those dems or reps who are out to destroy those communities by gentrifying them, so honestly who’s the true dumbass in this equation?

  3. Kevin Williams says:

    hard to believe that hes gone. just like that another brother gone and another momma crying. r.i.p

  4. Iyana Michelle says:


  5. jeff jordan says:

    U gotta remember all these LA rappers between 29 and 34 were all on the come up with nipsey a decade ago and to see him gunned down like that is something different

  6. Soufgate Poet says:

    They been doing music together a long long time. I remember BISHES aint shit and the Fabulous remake they did. Brother from another color??? Shout out to YG

    • Jay Caves says:

      “So into you” I remember that too…and when NIPSEY did a freestyle to pretty Ricky hotline…Damm man NIPSEY was that dude!! R.I.P MY BROTHER!

  7. Dont Bliink says:

    Nip died doing what he loved most… helping people ? #LLNIP

  8. Yoboydrew says:

    Messed up how he brought every gang together and gets killed by one of his own

    • Sistah B says:

      Nipsey Hussle was constantly harassed & raided by LAPD & DA. The giy who murdered him is a known informant. His death was a hit because he owned the shopping area, additional property including a large cultural/tech hub, was trying to work with other Black businesses & link up with Africa. He was fighting gentrification & encouraging Blacks not to sell their homes.

    • S W says:

      You have to watch out for the green eyed monster…jealous is a hell of a thing. Those closest to you always feel it first. To think that the dude was offended bc nipsey found out he was a snitch/informant and told him he didnt want to be around him….mr holder will always be labeled a snitch. That’s the worst label. He better wear his rat label proud and expect whatever comes.

    • Adrian Cole says:

      I think the police had something to do with Nip’s death.Think about it,Nip was talking about building Brands,Ownig his blocc,Uniting Every color flag,just positive around him and whoever he came across.The white people don2want to c that,they want blacc people at each other’s throats,killing each other,Nip had other plans.Now that’s a KING.

    • Jona Nanette says:

      Yoboydrew The government killed him to start a race war. That’s why they are so quiet now. They (the national guard) were literally doing drills in Cali leading up to his death. Watch what they do next very carefully.

    • ellimest says:

      He got killed by cointelpro

  9. Bianca Blue says:

    The Marathon Continues NIP ? ? #AllMoneyIn #NoMoneyOut

  10. Pendergrass says:

    Shit really hits like you knew him. This really is the closest to feeling what it was like when Big and Pac went on to glory

    • Empress J says:

      Optmeout Bihhh I feel u on this one ???

    • Baybro the King Johnson says:

      They went on to glory!!!$$$ lol ?

    • Chris Stamps says:

      +Optmeout Bihhh Pac had been around since the late 80s, The World Knew Who He Was, And It Was Difficult To Let Him Go. Nipsey Death Did Hit A Lil Harder Because He Was Murdered In Front Of The Place He Branded And Worked So Hard For. Nip Died In Vein. Pac Was Living Reckless up until the time of his departure, A Lot Of People Wanted To Kill Pac. He knew it was coming, that’s why he lived every day as if it was his last. Nipsey On The Other Hand had big plans and was very passionate about helping his community. No One Expected This. People Expected Pac To Die Because Of The Way He Was Portrayed. Both Legendary Both made a difference. Rest In Rhymes 2pac. Rest In Rhymes Nipsey.

    • Mr.GoodFriday says:

      stop the comparisons, He was Nipsey, not a Pac 2.0.. He will be loved forever. I have respect for Pac, but Nipsey did a whole lot more than he ever could of done. Truly one of a kind, the type you see every once in a lifetime brother..

    • Chris Stamps says:

      +Mr.GoodFriday Pac Had A Pure Heart, And Actually Cared. So Did Nip. Pac Was Very Intellectual, And Street Smart, So Was Nipsey. Both Took What Looked Like A No Win Situation And Created An Empire. He Was The Closet Thing We’ll Ever Get To Pac Again. Both Had Majestic Spirits. R.I.P Both Legends.

  11. EaST CoAsT MaCHete says:

    Nipsey wasnt even im his prime yet. Rip homie ??gone to soon

    • Chandler Gerald says:

      EaST CoAsT MaCHete way too soon. He had so much to give us.

    • Cloud Nine says:


    • european whiteboy says:

      he’s been famous for over 6 years … mailbox money was his prime imo now he was doing his victory lap for a reason he felt accomplished in his field no need for awards. how was he kickin in the door? bandwagon fans

    • EaST CoAsT MaCHete says:

      +european whiteboy noone is talking about his music . its what he did for his community and his wisdom.

  12. Dee Scott says:

    Really? Light skinned pretty daughters ?..anyways RIP NH?

  13. eyes wide open says:

    Come on bro, these guys sound stupid and what’s with the colorism ” light skinned pretty girls.

    • Baybro the King Johnson says:

      +Jesse Barnes Black people have been in many places on this earth. I have dedicated many years and hours researching our people history. So don’t feel like you are schooling me. When you were home dancing in the mirror and putting on your best goon face and listening to your favorite artist. I was educating myself brother..#Showandproveyourknowledge

    • Chase Boogie says:

      He was trying to be funny but it didn’t hit.

    • Dominique Williams says:

      +Baybro the King Johnson I agree! It’s a new day…time to be about unifying and uplifting our race rather than dividing with YG’s level of stupidity. He’s cancelled.

    • Dominique Williams says:

      +Baybro the King Johnson just look at their videos. Who do they promote????? ?

    • Professor F says:

      +Dominique Williams Y’all mad over a damn comment. Sensitive like I dont know what??

  14. Adrianna Varela says:

    channel 2 news kept blocking out his speech because the n word lmao i was pissed thanks for the video i knew it was good

    • Vera Wallace says:

      Too many Curse words and too many N words for A funeral, went to A funeral 2 months ago for A black man and never hear one Curse words

  15. liloreolil says:

    I don’t mind a person being themselves even at a formal event such as this funeral… but that “light skin cute daughters we gotta protect” made me sick! What is wrong with people that make color an issue or big deal in our community. Light skin this or dark skin that. We all black damn. Yg made me uncomfortable with that.

  16. Baby Lane says:

    Nipsey was loved in LA HELLA! CRIPS BLOODS AND ESES FOR NIP ????

  17. leah hugie says:

    they lowkey treated this like another award show

  18. Sasja Parsons says:

    YG Is A Clown For Saying All That Mess At A Memorial Service!!!

  19. J Taj says:

    Did he really just say light skin..get over skin color doesn’t matter. RIP Nipsey

  20. Love Bird says:

    Why he add light skin like light skin makes them more desirable or sum talking about their in trouble b/c they are light skin like wow dark skin men really do hate blackness

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