Niykee Heaton – Bad Intentions ft. Migos

Niykee Heaton – Bad Intentions ft. Migos

Bad Intentions ft. Migos from the ’The Bedroom Tour Playlist’ – out now!
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Directed by DAPS and produced by Sara Lacombe, Jay Tauzin, Lex Lewter, Luti Fagbenle, Colin Wyatt & Lauren Pisciotta

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Music video by Niykee Heaton performing Bad Intentions fit Migos. (C) 2016 Capitol Records

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20 Responses

  1. Tim Hyde says:


  2. Pulle says:

    if she bent down more often i would sub

  3. Painbeuw 'UNCHAINED' says:

    I expected to watch a gang bang… I’m disappointed

  4. tablet TV says:

    I was watching this girl when she was doing covers in 2014! what happend to
    her! she looks like the bad guy from lazy town!! she was hot and before!
    it’s a shame what money and bad influence can do!

  5. safiyah hamlet says:

    damn the people in these comments aren’t shit

  6. maya williams says:

    I don’t like the video

  7. Pharah Merancier says:

    not feeling the video but her body is goals!! gorgeousss

  8. javon james says:

    I thought family come first ….but in this case nope

  9. Kid Gotti says:

    bad actin

  10. Migos Yrn says:

    she even take the QC Chain

  11. rose john says:

    this is disgusting and not to mention awkward to watch

  12. Daniel Vidal says:

    This song is 2 years old (maybe older) it’s time to let it go and do
    something else.

  13. colonjuice says:

    did he eat the booty tho cuzz if he aint i will

  14. Seth Belcher says:

    Here b4 100k like if you like dildos

  15. Badd Vibes says:

    beats on my channel , like…. subscribe…comment? lol

  16. Chrystal Armour says:

    i got…Tampad tension

  17. therealsatisfy says:

    I’m an up and coming Hip Hop artist and it would mean a lot if you all can
    go listen to my music on my channel. Thanks!

  18. Tiara Kelly says:

    With hair down she reminds me of the french singer vitaa

  19. TWOXTONTO says:

    If cancer had a spray tan

  20. Frank Funwi says:

    Takeoff wuz watchin like, “aight, bet.”