NLE Choppa & Clever “Stick By My Side” (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)

NLE Choppa & Clever “Stick By My Side” (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for “Stick By My Side” by NLE Choppa & Clever.

More Clever:

Directed By Karltin Bankz & Wikid
Animated By Checkz

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48 Responses

  1. rell_0_89 Psn says:

    I clicked this thinking it was gonna be ?. Shit kinda ? tho

    • save animals says:

      do you know how to spell trash or fire? fucking stupid ass generation

    • Mr.Runaway 00 says:

      +save animals Dude what got you so pissed off??? So what he wants to use emojis instead of spelling out the word; it means literally the same. The only thing stupider than using emojis to describe something is getting pissed off about it chill

  2. J Richkid4 says:

    Video Producer: How much bass you want?

    Nle Choppa: Ok

  3. Tarik Akezouh says:

    Use me as , CLEVER IS ABOUT TO BLOW UP button

  4. Tristan Wainwright says:

    y’all praising choppa but i guarantee y’all be screaming the hook the most

  5. Baron Zach M says:

    If you didn’t hear about Clever until the Juice Wrld collab. Checkout Clever’s song with SwizZz. That’s pretty good too.

  6. berto2 times says:

    NLE choppa: Flex with condoms

  7. Almighty Jmac says:

    Why white bro sound like Lucas Graham
    Song still fire doe??

  8. YoungVegasBoi says:

    NLE Went In, But Clever. That boi Clever Was Vibing Asff??

  9. Musteh says:

    Yooooo this is Clever from Juice WRLD – Ring Ring He sounds amazing this should of been longer

  10. Estafon Mcphee says:

    When did Lucas Graham started hanging out with gangbangers?

  11. Lil IzzyB says:

    Who Thinks This Should Have Been Longer?

  12. M2G2 says:

    Clever fire af I just didn’t expect that shit lmao

  13. EscapePlan Skateboarding says:

    I’m back, deadass re-played this song about 50 times.. ??

  14. R2TheArTisT says:

    That clever guy gonna take post malone spot his voice is amazing I need to hear more from him.

  15. YungDlo2009 says:

    ??? Clever gone be on every song all 2019 after this??? legend in the making

  16. Rylan Green says:

    “These Niggaz be snitchin i call em tekashi”??

  17. Principal Skinner says:

    This dude’s voice is pretty sick. Sounds a bit like Post and Roy Woods combined.

  18. S0naai says:

    White boy killed it with the vocals and NLE snapped

  19. Wesley Abbott says:

    Clever is gonna blow up now for all the fake depressed 16 year olds

  20. SecondSensation says:

    DA thought the white boy was Lukas Graham if he grew up in the hood

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