NLE Choppa – “Different Day” (Lil Baby Emotionally Scarred Remix) (Official Video – WSHH Exclusive)

NLE Choppa – “Different Day” (Lil Baby Emotionally Scarred Remix) (Official Video – WSHH Exclusive)

Exclusive WSHH music video for “Different Day” (Lil Baby Emotionally Scarred Remix) by NLE Choppa.
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Different Day (Emotionally Scarred Remix)

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59 Responses

  1. Atl Jmoney says:


  2. Rain vG7 says:

    This wasn’t bad chop, I was expecting lil baby lol

  3. Tempel Juan Martín says:

    Last person to like this will be billionaire

  4. IAmCassoo says:

    I thought we wasn’t dropping it 😂😂😂😂🤣

  5. Benjamin Rojas says:

    It’s crazy how according to life/time, in school he would have just finished his junior year of high school. NLE not even a “senior” in high school and already doing his thing. Proud of him!

  6. Hector. 223 says:

    “Never wrong for what i say i react to how im treated”

  7. Daniel Jones is 2 Tough says:

    This song will be another hit. I’m calling it

  8. abdul says:

    crazy how we watchin his flow change in front of our eyes

    • Jane Doe says:

      Rappers change their flow up all the time lol hell most of em switch it up a few times in a single song

    • PURPP-esque says:

      What Why are the people who listen to these southern rappers so easily impressed?

  9. SnowhuskyYT says:

    I swear every time I see nle he has no shirt on

  10. King_balr says:

    Who’s better
    NLE OR lil pump
    Like for NLE
    Comment for lil pump

    • Fuq u Plz says:

      Lil pumo

    • Arshiya Rakshan says:

      @Scarleth Roque then why are you here

    • Mario Trick 869 says:

      Shaybay guy that’s his move, he wants to be an ignorant rapper, he could spit bars like he did on Welcome To The Party by French Montana, but he chooses not to bcuz ppl will make fun of him just like y’all are, that gets him more attention and that gives him more money. At the end of the day we are the stupid ones for even going to his music and laughing at it bcuz we are giving him money. kinda smart from him ngl.

    • Bobo with the Dodo says:


    • Hershey B says:

      King_balr both ass but NLE got some better songs

  11. Brxndo - Topic says:

    “The diamond slugs be in my mouth but im really empty” they try not to let these parts stand out. (Labels)

    • Austin Hughes says:


    • Henry Pascal says:

      Austin Hughes they money they gove you , causes stress because you font work for it to build it up you get 500k-2mil all at once as an advance and you’re not told that it is taxable, so u go spending it all cause you’re notnused to money but now you owe money to the bank because u spent money u borrowed& certain labels require artists to sacrifice someone close or sell their soul which makes them feel sorrow and emptiness

    • JAYDEN 23COVINGTON says:

      So nle sold his soul?

    • : says:

      Who cares, if the dude sold his soul, did to to himself

    • kevxne *old acc* says:

      hes not even signed to a major label 🤦🏾‍♂️, he has a deal with united masters, do some research

  12. Shadow Syntx says:

    I never knew I would actually like this

  13. Erikaskus says:

    “NLE the top shotta got a bomb like Al-Qaeda , the way he said it hit different

  14. NinjaBlaze 7122 says:

    I feel like NLE is trying to send a message through music about drugs.
    We need to make sure we don’t see a repeat of what happened to Peep and Juice 💔

  15. Jayflames Official says:

    That voice at the start is soo triggering

  16. Jessica Henny says:

    Choppa has lots of Talent and he’s a humble nice guy so people cheer for him even louder! 🙌 🎉

  17. Brenda Haddison says:

    The last person to like this will likely meet nle

  18. 1000O Subs with 3 videos please help says:

    NLE Choppa is the type of dude that has the balls to tell his barber he didn’t like his haircut..

  19. 1000O Subs with 3 videos please help says:

    Whoever likes this will one day become a billionaire.

  20. 1000O Subs with 3 videos please help says:

    one random person who likes this going to be famous

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