NLE Choppa Reveals if he Picked a Side in the NBA Youngboy vs Lil Durk Beef & Speaks on King Von!

NLE Choppa Reveals if he Picked a Side in the NBA Youngboy vs Lil Durk Beef & Speaks on King Von!

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32 Responses

  1. Baby Hank says:

    Unity is key 🔑 respect ✊🏽

  2. Bribe says:

    You have to understand that this beef has been going on since Von and Quando weren’t homies because Reese and Quando got into it and started dissing each other on twitter. Von and Reese were tight so Von was gonna do something and that’s how that situation went. There were a few sneak disses from 4kt before Von died and that’s when Durk started dissing yb Quando 4kt and then Durk booked Quando’s show, which

  3. Terrace Johnson says:

    Respect to NLE for this interview, bro growing and evolving. He clearly realizes this all senseless garbage. R.I.P to Von, hopefully no more blood is shed. But, realistically that may never happen. We as a race suffer from “Self Hate”, something we’ve had from slavery until now.

    • predevsign says:

      @josweet love You mean everyone does that. You don’t need to be of european descent to discriminate in housing. After all, I see a lot of hispanics and asians out here in Los Angeles who own real estate doing that at higher rate than people of european descent.

      I don’t need to get real im aware of alot of shit i just don’t have a simple mindset like most black people blaming everything on whitey. You’ll get the same treatment from people of other race.

      But i do find it funny how so many people are upset at my comment. Which wasnt arguing a point but only stating a fact that “ARAB MUSLIMS ENSLAVED AFRICANS WAY BEFORE THE EUROPEANS DID”.

      The truth is the truth. Get out your feelings and get over it.

    • predevsign says:

      @LytBodyD I never said anything about an out of africa theory. All i said was arab muslims enslaved africans way before europeans did. which is a known fact.

    • Them Shottas Slide Daily says:

      @Son Goku Yall aint no chosen ppl foh all yall bloodlines unpure u the farthest from the chosen ppl

    • Them Shottas Slide Daily says:

      @josweet love LMAO yall aint victims in 2022 gtfoh u get the same opportunities and more as every other race these days nobody feel sorry for you

  4. Arlando Shelton says:

    Naturally fans going pick sides based off who they like more or feel better. Choppa admitted he was a yb fan.. But seems like after he really got in the game and started to see stuff behind the music, his mind changed. He got that right.

    • Jude Jachimike says:

      I respect you for knowing this just be fans for the music not their personal lives..I don’t think any of yb fans will like him in person that nigga always feel on top of the world beating fans at his shows same thing goes to dababy dude slapped a female for putting the camera to his face at a show she probably paid for

  5. Isaac Howard says:

    Respect for this young man he come from good understanding people

  6. Shaquille Phillips-Breedlove says:

    “It’s never no wrong”

    He is so right if you think about it, because this world is full of envy and hate.

  7. Shaggy Sin says:

    Dude is mature man, got morals. Respect, most people in the world are so inconsiderate.

  8. Burr Man says:

    Finally someone preaching togetherness. The only way to advance in society is to understand in the end we all want the same thing. Who gives a fuck if you talk different, look different, enjoy different things, think differently, etc.

    99% of us wanna be with the ones we love and live comfortably. Let’s stop playing the blame game all the time. Let’s come together and all live well.

  9. Playboi Jordan says:

    NLE gained so much respect after this interview such a stand up guy

  10. jstills4 says:

    Proud of NLE Choppa for his statements here, especially at the end of the interview. I really want to see some of these young brothers in this generation live to be Jay Zs and Snoops 20 years from now. Please keep pushing this message King

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