NLE Choppa Runs Into Lil Baby While Shopping For Jewelry!

NLE Choppa Runs Into Lil Baby While Shopping For Jewelry!

NLE Choppa stops by Icebox to get iced up and talks about his new upcoming projects! He and his crew browsed around looking at some AP’s and Cubans before running into fellow Atlanta rapper Lil Baby!




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77 Responses

  1. TheeKilluminati says:

    Lil Baby gon be making NLE jewlery ??

  2. Tyler Silas says:

    Finally!! Been waiting for nle?choppas icebox vid.

  3. SAUCE FOLA says:

    Like this or you going to he’ll and don’t love your mom jk

  4. DK says:

    *only people who brush their teeth can like this* ?


    _Btw Im Gifiting My Next 10 Subs_ ??!

    • wile e says:

      You’re doing anything for likes

    • Emerio Xxxtentacion says:

      I don’t want a gift I just wanna sub and see a black man do good

    • WSSH SHOP says:

      5:52 what looks

    • JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again says:

      Why do you have to lie in order to get likes and subs for your garbage ass channel…all these channels lie about these free giveaways I’ve already exposed like six big ass channels that do that …don’t get yourself put on the list my guy the scheme on that is you say that to get people to like subscribe and then you announce a winner that is technically you’re fake made up account and nobody ever gets nothing while everybody in the comments thinks oh if I like And subscribe and comment on every video I’m going to actually win like no your not it’s all a trick…they should be able to ban YouTube channels that don’t follow through and giveaway real giveaways to non-affiliated people with your channel that never get anything just one big con

    • JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again says:

      just like they said who smelt it delt it …that the person that leaves this comment most likely doesn’t brush their teeth on a daily… probably half of the people that like this don’t brush their teeth lol be honest … Remember flossing is just as important as brushing your teeth if not more important…because if you don’t floss your teeth rot away from the top out… but if you still brush your teeth you can lose your teeth even if they look clean from the bottom to the outside but in the insides really rotting away !

  5. DK says:

    *make this blue if GOD blessed you to see another day* ?❤️?


    _Btw Im Gifiting My Next 10 Subs_ ??!

  6. Jimmy Saucer says:

    Baby needs a pacifier chain like Kodak Black

  7. Asapmob Savage says:

    Imagine if he would find quando rondo

  8. Gabrielle Hands says:

    Waiting for *Shotta Flow 4 – 100*

  9. DripOrDrown! says:

    4:47 Choppa could’ve had a free chain if he didn’t say nun?

  10. Leah Clarke says:

    Who else jus watching this cuz lil baby in it lmaooo

  11. CHRONIC_ONLY Cx says:

    Lil baby flex on him haha

  12. Clash With A Mexican says:

    Lil baby really out in Atlanta with no security with all his jewelry.

  13. Jas B says:

    Hell nah no tats for me – lil baby

  14. TepDaBoul says:

    *”Hey everbody this is choppa” imagine???*

  15. KATIE says:

    His girlfriend face when he looked at her after saying he move to Atlanta ??

  16. Jacob Moreno says:

    No one gonna talk about how smooth that handshake was ?? 5:50

  17. Arcturus says:

    Of course he’s wearing a white tank top

  18. WW W says:

    Salesman corny but he doing his job so W

  19. EthanHeller says:

    This how many times NLE Choppa says this hard

  20. Sean Tv says:

    7:30 there y’all go , like dis uppp

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