NLE Choppa – Shotta Flow 5 (Official Audio)

NLE Choppa – Shotta Flow 5 (Official Audio)

Listen to “Shotta Flow 5”:
TikTok: @NLEChoppaMusic
Triller: @NLEChoppa

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72 Responses

  1. Tafari Kennedy says:

    only people here before 1m veiws can like

  2. Mosuss says:

    Me: *sitting in aged care at age 80*
    NLE: *Shotta flow 69420 ft. lil gekyume*

  3. R.i.p.Hadi says:


  4. Saul Lomeli says:

    “Shotta flow 4” is the best “shotta flow”

  5. Lil Jay Musiq says:

    2080: “Nobody”

    NLE Choppa: shotta flow 224

  6. Famous Cryp says:

    When I get old I can be like: yall kids these days wasn’t around during the single digit shotta flows, good ‘ol days.

  7. Revenge • says:

    Everyone: when’s the next shotta flow coming out?

    Nle choppa at 50: Tomorrow I release shotta flow 235

  8. Naser Saleh says:

    This song makes me want to come to a small LEGO building competition with bricks

  9. kevin pochette says:

    My brother coming back from coma: what song is that
    Me: shotta flow
    My brother: 983 or 984

  10. Isaiah tha 0g says:

    Me: sees title

    My brain: confused screaming

  11. Zeke Da king says:

    I’m here looking at all these comments like “dang it I should have wrote that”

  12. 699 Subs Before Quarantine Ends? says:

    The whole of the comment section be like:
    “When is Shotta flow 69 coming out”

  13. Meme Boy says:

    This on lyrical lemonade will be fire 😳🖖

  14. Franky Gaming says:

    When you going release the music vid

  15. SBLando says:

    Top shotta 📈✅🔥

  16. Its Kreasy says:

    If he come back to life’ he dead again 🔥

  17. Officialtrell TV says:

    This how many shotta flows he’s going to make👇🏼

  18. anabolic_twin5 fn says:

    Brooooo “if he comes back to life he dead again”🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😱

  19. Cactus Man says:

    Claim you’re ‘Here Before a Million’ here!

  20. ItsMemetastic :p says:

    I feel like each one is getting better. Is that just me?😤

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