No. 3 Georgia DOMINATES No. 1 Tennessee in SEC SHOWDOWN: Extended Highlights | CBS Sports HQ

No. 3 Georgia DOMINATES No. 1 Tennessee in SEC SHOWDOWN: Extended Highlights | CBS Sports HQ

Extended highlights from the SEC on CBS Game Of The Week – No. 1 Tennessee vs No. 3 Georgia.


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50 Responses

  1. Gavin Wang says:

    I was in the student section at the game and the atmosphere in the game was absolutely crazy.. it lowkey might’ve won us the game. In the 4th quarter when hooker got sacked back to back and they had those two false starts it was the loudest and most hype experience in my life

    Edit: for some reference, the decibels tracker on the screen was constantly over 125dbs and even 130dbs on 3rd down

    • Gavin Wang says:

      @Taylor Dunn fasho, we def had more talent on our team but we disrupted their play calling A LOT. hyatt was saying in his post game interview that they couldn’t hear their coaches on the sideline and we also changed their tempo up bc Tennessee loves to do a lot of no huddle offense and clearly their offense wasn’t clicking. also I think the fact that hooker got hit so many times definitely disrupted his passing, that int def killed his confidence too.

    • Langston Richards says:

      Fr I swear I almost lost my hearing in that fourth quarter after those two sacks it was insanely loud

    • Dairyair says:

      @Trey Williams The litness test 😂

    • Legend Gamer Playz says:

      I was there I counted the crowd made them loose 40 yards because of how loud it was

    • Taylor Dunn says:

      I would say our players and coaching won us that game. But ok 😂 definitely helps. It’s called home field advantage for a reason

  2. PlantMillionsOfTeees says:

    I truly believe Tennessee is still very much ‘in the hunt’ for this year’s CFP (especially with how the rest of tonight played out) … That said (and I’m a HUGE VOL FAN, so that disclaimer), I think Tennessee isn’t quite “there” yet. Georgia absolutely beat us today, and it could’ve been worse than 27-13 had Georgia wanted it to be … (Unlike Bama fans after a loss, we won’t whine or complain or make excuses). You kicked our ass, and that’s that … I think it’s Georgia AND ‘The Field’ at this point … Again, MEGA tip-of-the-cap to Dawg Nation, Coach Smart, and your great football team. You guys are damn scary-good!

  3. Lewis Fleming says:

    That punt sealed the game

  4. DocProc says:

    As a Tennessee fan who is still mentally recovering from this game, good game Dawgs. Ya’ll proved why you’re still the team to beat. I had a feeling ya’ll were gonna win this one before it even started. Ya’lls defense is just too nasty. If we had to lose a game this year, I’m glad it was against the defending champs. But hey, at least Bama lost again today, so it’s not all bad. I can take comfort in that at least. When Bama loses, everybody else wins. 🙌

    • Blind Faith says:

      @DocProc I take offense at that. I am blind , and I see your point clearly and agree wholeheartedly. Jk

    • Blind Faith says:

      Spoken like an SEC fan of long standing. This could be the year we get two SEC teams in the playoffs not named Alabama

    • brownpeoplegetup says:

      y’all have a great Vols team! i’m happy for you all. it’s been tough to be a TN fan, but now y’all win and you all can recruit at the top. i hope y’all will continue to progress and be a powerful SEC rival for UGA and that y’all will beat Gators every year! you all have fun~

    • Emmanuel Zanders says:

      Congratulations y’all were one or two teams that beat Bama, enjoy last month regular season championship

    • DocProc says:

      @Joe Black I mean, it wasn’t really a blow out. Georgia won by two touchdowns, they have the best defense in college football, and they’re the defending champs. They were just a better team today. The Dawgs shut down UT’s offense. There’s not many teams that have a better record or have had a better season than Tennessee has this year, especially considering they were like 7-6 last year. You’d have to be blind to not see the improvement and call them “overrated.” They’ve had an amazing year so far. Only lost one game, and that’s to last year’s national champs. And this is only like Huepel’s second year coaching.

  5. davaughn237 says:

    The thing about my dawgs is we’re very balanced in our attack. Good defense and solid offense is all you need. This game proved what us fans already knew. Good game to Tennessee though, you guys put up a fight. UGA on the other hand grinds teams down and never shy away from a good fight. We either run the ball hard or fight like hell on defense to put teams away peacefully. Lol

  6. wlg2 says:

    That 75 yd. punt was a sight to behold!

  7. Wolfie the sniper wolf says:

    I am a Tennessee fan, but I knew we were gonna lose this one. Georgia is just a better team. But hey, Tennessee is still having a great year

    • Wolfie the sniper wolf says:

      @bih kat I wasn’t one of those fans

    • TampaAerialMedia says:

      @c live u

    • bih kat says:

      Y’all Tennessee fans was talking mad shit about Georgia … oh we beat Alabama by 3 Georgia ain’t Alabama 😂😂😂

    • Mojo Arid says:

      If they won this game they wouldn’t have a shot at the championship u seen what happened to Alabama last year they would have seen GA in the playoffs. Good news is they held true#1 to 6 points the whole second half


      @Blake Rankin Tennessee is a good football team with the number one offense in the country, but Georgia’s defense proved to just be to much, the reason hooker over threw his two receivers when he did was because of the pressure that our defense of line put on him, hooker doesn’t just overthrow the ball, he’s the best qb in college football, georgia just figured out the wide spread offense and stopped it. We have the best defense in the country, and Tennessee’s is #84 in the country, that’s pretty bad, you MUST have a better defense than that to beat georgia

  8. The Superior Club says:

    How that one play where they didn’t give Georgia the safety blows my mind

  9. Jack Christian says:

    People thought this game was gonna be close, but with Georgia’s powerful weapon arsenal, Tennessee don’t stand a single chance. People were betting and predicting this game like CRAZY. It’s RIDICULOUS 💯💯💯💯.

  10. DB Victor says:

    That might have been the shortest run at #1 in college football history 🤣

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