No. 6 Tennessee STUNS No. 3 Alabama in INSTANT CLASSIC: Extended Highlights | CBS Sports HQ

No. 6 Tennessee STUNS No. 3 Alabama in INSTANT CLASSIC: Extended Highlights | CBS Sports HQ

Extended highlights from the SEC on CBS Game Of The Week – No. 3 Alabama vs No. 6 Tennessee.


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27 Responses

  1. BL4CKH4L0 says:

    This game is absolutely worthy of the “Instant Classic” title!

  2. Alex Leal says:

    Congrats Tennessee! Incredible game!

    -Texas fan

  3. Ryan Larkin says:

    You can’t script it any better than that.

    WHAT. A. GAME. 🔥

  4. Stephen McCollum says:

    49-49 outside of overtime is INCREDIBLE

  5. toddrf says:

    Reminiscent of the Bama/A&M game I attended last year. A&M was up early, Bama came back and took the lead, then A&M won it on a last-second field goal. Congrats Vols.

  6. KNIGHT T WHITE T says:

    Awesome game of back and forth!! Tennessee is a team to recon with this year. I’m a Dawgs fan and we play y’all here in a few weeks. It’s going to be a slug fest for sure!! Congrats on a huge win like this and y’all definitely deserved it!!

    • GOLactic gaming boyz says:

      My moms fiancé is a big vols fan. He says you guys will win. But he says it might be the best team you guys play as well. Anyways i hope the game is goood

  7. Ryan F Rails says:

    Game of the year without question, Jalin Hyatt was a beast 👀🔥💯

    • Vince Vegas says:

      reckon he got hisself a gameball ?

    • papaw mc says:

      @Cedric Perry Knowing football ,Im sure ya know the SEC is where the NFL gets most of their DBs as well as the WRs. You misquoted Ryan,he said hes a beast. ” Anointing him as great” is a question YOU iniated. His numbers suggests hes doing very well at any rate. As a fellow fan who knows football too,Ill make ya a wager the kids drafted in a pretty nice spot.

    • Enoch rry says:

      True..Alabama secondary was sloppy.

    • melancholymartialarts says:

      *is a beast

    • Cedric Perry says:

      @Ryanfrails Yes, he was impressive. But before anointing him as great, I want to see him against a quality secondary for a couple of more games. If he fares well against a quality secondary for a couple of games, then I will recommend him to the Carolina Panthers.

  8. Adelle Mery says:

    several times there, I thought I was watching a Big 12 game. Lots of points. No defense. Fun to watch. Good job, Vols. You showed the football world that 14 seconds is an eternity.

    • Andrew Bowen says:

      Modern college football can be dominated by top tier offenses. 2019 LSU, 2020 Alabama, last season’s Alabama before all the injuries, and both of these teams show that.

    • Connor McDaniel says:

      Honestly it wasn’t even a lack of defense both of these offenses were just so damn good

  9. Morgan Mc says:

    The longer you wait for something, the sweeter it is when you finally get it! GO VOLS!!!!!!

  10. Phillip Riggins says:

    This was definitely the college Game of the Year! Congratulations to the Tennessee Volunteers 🎊 🎉

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