No agreement after Russian-Ukraine talks

No agreement after Russian-Ukraine talks

The first round of negotiations between Ukraine and Russia since the fighting began ended without an agreement.

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45 Responses

  1. Time 4 Change says:

    Did anyone really believe Putin was willing to negotiate with Ukraine?

    • Jorge Askren says:

      @Furion Max 😂😂😂😂 wheres your source? You dont know what putin demanded. It wasnt for ukraine to submit tho considering putin himself said he doesnt want to take over ukraine he wants to demilitarize it. He wants them to stop making weapons that could put russia in danger

    • K Pars says:


    • The Tyttuutface says:

      @Immabouttobe Bannedagain12 It’s not 2014 anymore bud, you’re thinking of early gen Z. Millennials are in their mid/late 20s now. But yes, we would much rather not go to war.

    • Pošteni uzgajivač ovaca says:

      Why not, Putin tried to negotiate for years for Ukraine to stay military neutral, even offered Clinton in 2000s thar Russia joins NATO and they denied them.. Now I don’t think that you will be willing to allow China to put missiles in Mexico for example?

    • Furion Max says:

      There is no negotiation. From what I heard these “peace talks” are simply Russia imposing their own terms on Ukraine’s surrender. Russia wants Ukraine to submit. There’s no peace. No cease fire. No compromise. Either surrender and submit to Russia rule or they take the country. Any less than that and Russia will not accept it.

  2. Deanna Mitchell says:

    They seem to always have funding to assist countries for war, funding for school are slashed yearly. Old people start wars, the young stuck to deal with the consequences

    • Bill Fuentes says:

      @Jazzy Angel Flower What school do you go to? Considering the dumb statement you made.

    • Sean McKeegan says:

      @Kevin J are you kidding? War was ingrained in human history for thousands of years, it wasn’t until recently in the past 200 years that war began to slow within countries that provide education for its people. Look at the US, and Western Europe. Do you see wars waging on their soil as it does in the Middle East and Africa?

    • Time 4 Change says:

      Funds are set aside for different purposes. The former president took money from education and put it back in the pockets of the rich and toward some BS wall that isn’t going to do anything.

    • Devin Geary says:

      @Anime Noob Zero the world knows the history of Nazi Germany and the holocaust but still have all these western nations becoming fascist

    • Airmanray says:

      @Great 4ever  nothing the USA only helps wars politicians are a joke. Even that bs stimulus package you will have to pay back in taxes lol. Government doesn’t give a damn about its citizens.

  3. Mr. Prick says:

    To call it a “negotiation” is laughable at best.
    Russian: “Hello, you surrender now? No? Ok, we keep bombing”.

    • Imnot Ahacker says:

      @KermitDaThug that’s my argument, the war has nothing to do with russia wanting ukraine cuz of russian history.

    • KermitDaThug says:

      @Mr Peter Most Ukrainians do not want to be part of Russia. A small part in the south eastern part of Ukraine does.

    • Bryan Cruz says:

      @C Rutherford I’m surprised people haven’t figured out that western taxes supplied and fund Saudi Arabia who are doing the same thing Russia is doing to Ukraine except its in the biggest humanitarian crisis currently in yemen. I guess protecting the Bidens corrupted business’s and sex traffic ring in Ukraine is more important hence the heavy push to support in media and propaganda.

    • KermitDaThug says:

      @Imnot Ahacker Kinda. Ukraine joining NATO is a huge threat to Russia. Russia already has multiple NATO bases surrounding it. Ukraine joining would just mean more bases. Putin sees this as a threat.

    • Yeah Right says:

      @Zachery Middleton There’s more to this vaccine than that. Look into the spike proteins, the intensity, the longevity and its ties to DNA modification.
      At the end of the day, regardless of your stance of the vaccine it’s undeniable that there are only two outcomes that give justification to question it with impunity.
      1) It was rushed out and there were no long term studies conducted, which is bad.
      2) There *were* long term studies conducted, but that would mean they’ve known about and had the virus beforehand.
      Either way…bad.

  4. MY2 Cent says:

    We already knew their was going to be nothing to come from it. Its a power play. He wants the country PERIOD

  5. Logical Youtuber says:

    Its a very sad situation and very disheartening to see this. Prayers to the civilians.

    • cmdmd says:

      @Google user

      That paranoia is common on QOP types. Not rigged, I’ll say that money has a lot of power and buys influence for donors. But it is not as one would see in outright dictatorships.

    • Neightrix Prime says:

      @Nameless Zelensky had already been shelling civilians in the east – killing far more than Russia has. Do you really think the media is suddenly telling the truth about something? Isn’t it always funny the establishment left and right suddenly unite when the war drums start beating? If we’re smart, we won’t take a side and demand they come to an agreement and make them honor it! Corrupt oligarchs pushed Ukraine’s govt to violate agreements because they WANT war! Don’t give it to them!

    • Lisa Campbell says:

      The civilians should be their first and ONLY concern

    • Google user says:

      @cmdmd same as all our presidents in the US is all rigged they work for the elites just puppets.

    • cmdmd says:

      @Google user

      Putin did steal an election.

  6. Dean Flet says:

    There is no winners or looser in this war just death and destruction. 😪

  7. Dum Dum says:

    “Those who dont know history are destined to repeat it.”
    – Edmund Burke


    All the World is a stage.

  9. Janie Isa Hernandez says:

    God I pray that this war ends as soon as possible. Bless Ukraine 🇺🇦 and Russia with peace. Amen

  10. Dan D says:

    “Sadly, we are treading back through old historical patterns that we said that we would never permit to happen again,” Hill told me.

    Those old historical patterns include Western businesses who fail to see how they help build a tyrant’s war chest, admirers enamored of an autocrat’s “strength” and politicians’ tendency to point fingers inward for political gain instead of working together for their nation’s security.”
    Fiona Hill

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