No Country For Pregnant Women | January 10, 2018 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

No Country For Pregnant Women | January 10, 2018 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

America is passionate about saving babies, just not once they grow up and have babies of their own.

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55 Responses

  1. jerrypackard says:

    Don’t worry, Trump plans on deregulating wire coat hangers soon #makeabortiongreatagain

  2. Just the Coolest Dude Yo says:

    ProPublica did a study on a lot of this, where they examined the causes of the high rate of maternal mortality in the USA, how it impacted women of different demographic groups (like rural women and black women), and how states like California were able to get it down. I say this because ProPublica, NPR, and others that aren’t the corporate-backed cable news circus need to be a part of your informational diet!

    • No Name says:

      What did their findings from the study show?

    • Just the Coolest Dude Yo says:

      Basically what was reported here; black women, and women in rural areas suffered higher mortality during and after childbirth, and that California was able to get mortality down by spending money on reducing the things that cause women to die from giving birth

  3. Allison Rigby says:

    We’ve missed you Sam!!!

  4. New Message says:

    In the interest of full disclosure… Clem is responsible for a lot of those pregnancies.

  5. Phillip Christopher says:

    Oh come on Samantha don’t you realize that results don’t matter to Republicans

  6. Toad Jiang says:

    So much for ‘pro life’, haha!

  7. Princess Consuela says:

    “Pro life”

  8. Jessi Hi says:

    isnt this third world stuff? well maybe not much different..

  9. Sandra Nelson says:

    Women in the Northern stretches on Canada have trouble too, because doctors don’t want to go work up north. The mothers are insured, of course, because that’s what a humane, civilized country does. But finding a doctor , ah, there’s the rub.

    • The Noble and Mighty Beaver says:

      Jarl S – universal health care is referred to as “single payer” as the single payer is government.

    • Jarl S says:

      +Beaver Whops – mea culpa! I was under the impression that single payer ment you had to get an insurance in one way or the other – and if you couldn’t afford one, the government would provide one (like Austria?).
      Around here you do not need any such thing – all you need is your personal ID number issued to all citizens at birth.
      I have heard stories about foreigners on visit to Norway with no insurance in their home country would be charged for the treatment. On other hand i have first hand experience with foreign persons with no health insurance getting treatment (2 day stay at hospital, unknown swelling of throat area) – paid nothing, and never heard from the hospital again.

    • The Noble and Mighty Beaver says:

      Jarl S – No worries friend. There are variations of single payer systems, but a true single payer system is where all medical expenses are covered for all citizens/qualified residents of a country by the government…so Norway’s system basically. As far as I know anyone on holiday or working  in a foreign country are not covered by that country’s universal health care. For instance, I just returned from Ireland and had to see a doctor for a minor complaint and my medical expenses were billed to my private insurance I get through work. Austria is not single payer, they are subsidized multi-payer as is the USA (though the Austrian version is more equitable than the USA).

      I’m Canadian and we are technically considered single payer because the government covers all medical appointments, hospitalization and non-cosmetic surgeries/procedures and non-elective treatment. We do however have private insurance on top of our universal coverage to pay for medication, dentistry, physiotherapy, travel insurance, etc… Lower income Canadians have supplementary coverage through their health benefits for the things that are covered by private insurance.

      Canada charges foreigners for medical treatment; however, if a foreigner comes to Canada, has to be hospitalized and racks up a significant bill for treatment with no way to pay it the government doesn’t aggressively pursue recovery of expenses if that person doesn’t have private travel insurance. Really there is no logical way to recover the money from a foreigner.

    • Cindy Robertson says:

      I love the Canadian attitude. That does NOT mean its perfect.
      At least this country tries and usually succeeds.
      I moved to the States about 18 months ago fearing the horrible medical service.Maqin problem is its priorities, they love to refer people to other meds and I hear “Its likely nothing but we should check” and those are likely covered under most plans. get something major qand you are HOOPED. My mother in law had an anxiety attack. Not unusual in an 88 year old in an institution. by the time they were through in one night the hospital ran up an 18,000 dollar bill. alsmost all billed to insurance.
      Now if she has more problems we will pay? Priorities people

    • Cindy Robertson says:

      I am a canuck; been here for 18 months. I live in Wisconsin in a town of 5000 people. It gets far colder here than I have ever experienced. Yet when I meet people and they find I am Canadian they assume I am really used to the cold.
      Never had a highway collapse, never had 122 million Canadians told to stay inside, never heard of water coming out of a firefighters hose and freezing the hose up. Never been told to avoid “looking right at them” while walking on a sidewalk.
      Had lots of problems everyone does but where do Americans get this attitude of being so much luckier?

  10. kablamo9999 says:

    Maybe you can solve this by cutting taxes, I hear it solves everything

    • sirmoonslosthismind says:

      specifically, cutting taxes on corporations and wealthy republican donors. raising taxes on the non-wealthy is perfectly acceptable.

  11. PurnceNMe says:

    This is so true. I work in one of the largest hospitals in Kentucky, on the edge of the Appalachian region. Women travel up to 2 hours to come here for specialized maternity care.

    • whalesong999 says:

      I had reason to take my aged wife for care in a recently built hospital just outside the city limits of Wichita, Ks. I was surprised when I noticed it had no maternity care though it would provide what it could in the emergency room for birthing. As a nation, we’re really struggling with our health care system – it’s running like some kind of conveyor belt in the way treatment is given as I’ve seen it recently and the costs are amazingly disproportionate. Add to that the lack of personal awareness in individual care wtih some folks and we have a perfect storm brewing.

  12. 超人 says:

    “Why don’t people want babies” well this is a pretty good reason to avoid pregnancy

  13. Catherine Omondi says:

    I live in Kenya, and there are four hospitals that offer pre-natal and post-natal care within a ten-mile radius from my home. I guess there are some third-world countries that are doing better than Texas.

  14. Harriet Honaker says:

    How far away is the Handmaid’s Tale now 🤔

    • thewanderandhiscomp says:

      Harriet Honaker as a male scifi nerd, fell in love with the book, as seeing that dystopia becoming reality is mind blowing

    • Eva Luna says:

      Harriet Honaker
      Once Trump is impeached or drops dead Pence will be your president, so I would say ehm…6 months maybe?

    • quizzabella says:

      As a Brit where where no politician would dare touch the NHS (totally not perfect, but does its job) I’m thinking from what I’ve seen about the GOP and Republicans about ten years.

  15. Pranay says:

    Keep voting republican rural women.

  16. Drm R says:

    This is what happens when our healthcare system is for profit and a certain party determined to make it far worse because something about free market, the bible, and “pro-life”.

  17. Konscious Kat says:

    This is no mistake people

  18. Enigma2K99 says:

    Hmmm… you’d think that those people screaming pro-life would actually be working to improve this.

  19. Amélie Carré says:

    Laura’s waters broke ! Quick, Caroline, fetch some clean linens and cisors, and boil a large quantity of water while Charles saddle the horse to go to Dr Baker’s… What ? This is 2018, and we have cell phones ? Sure, but I don’t see how cell phones can help deliver a baby. You’d better keep boiling this water.

    • 1989Nihil says:

      It would still take at least an 1hr for ambulance to reach a suit-able hospital, with all those maternity wards closing down right and left. Also, from what I’ve heared is, that you have to pay extra for ambulance in the US and that is not covered by insurance, but suerly that cannot true, is it?

  20. Alixs Beach says:

    Man! I’m mean WOMAN… I missed her! Wish she was on everyday!

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