‘No Impulse Control’: President Donald Trump’s Focus On The Short Game | Morning Joe | MSNBC

‘No Impulse Control’: President Donald Trump’s Focus On The Short Game | Morning Joe | MSNBC

The New York Times’ Helene Cooper and Joanna Coles join Morning Joe to discuss Donald Trump’s controversial new round of tweets about President Obama and allegations of wire tapping.
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‘No Impulse Control’: President Donald Trump’s Focus On The Short Game | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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20 Responses

  1. Four Disastrous Years Coming says:

    Donald John Trump must be arrested immediately for aiding and abetting a foreign influence to bring down the Republic.

  2. keriezy says:

    I’m looking forward to saying, *”I TOLD YOU SO!”*

  3. Raice Alricson says:

    This administration is a joke.

  4. Superkoopatrooper says:

    I agree soo much, House of cards sucks now. The Trump administration puts it to shame.

  5. veroman007 says:

    trump thinks he can impeach obama…. ooph

  6. Malcum Tent says:

    It’s a story from Breitbart.

  7. RaistlinM21 says:

    Man, how can I make myself a democrat? Is there room for one more?

  8. MandaloretheSavage says:

    he gets his info from a Ouija board

  9. shiva1008 says:

    The only thing “presidential” about Trump’s speech was – sort of – his tone. It was all fake. He is a fake president.

  10. Wolfgang Brand says:

    Yup, Idiocracy is coming true with Tiny Hands and his trumpanzees.

  11. Kenneth Urwin says:

    Donald. If you read this. Barack Obama has the White House covered with hidden microphones. Don’t trust anyone else to look for them. You must search every inch of the House yourself.

  12. george ratt says:

    yeah…. Canada’s watching this like it’s a soap as well …

  13. Nice and Easy says:

    Trump falsely states Sweden is having a refugee problem after hearing it on TV, then Trump falsely states Obama bugged Trump Tower prior to the election but was not supported by the FBI and the CIA but Trump said he heard it from some nut bar from Breitbart. He tweets this accusation and never investigating it. This is how this so called president runs the country, knee jerk reactions. And this is the guy you want his finger on the nuclear football? God help America, and the world.

  14. Stoney Curtis says:

    I give Trump two years, tops…
    And he will either resign or be removed from office.

  15. mwilk19 says:

    Tweeting in a cocaine induced frenzy is never a good idea.

  16. Apurva Nataraj says:

    9:47, Dayyyuuummm Mika.

  17. JasonDS64 says:

    Only day 45? . . . Jeez . . .

  18. guiltygearV says:

    What did you expect from someone that has no government experience? That’s never lead anyone? He’s been surrounded by yes men guys whole life for gods sake, and he’s listening to a conspiracy theory nutjob (Steve Bannon).

  19. Michael says:

    Good job, Joe. It took you a year and a half, but you finally got it. Yes, Trump is mentally imbalanced… and he WILL NOT CHANGE.

  20. MillCityJam says:

    Lord of the Lies stikes again…

    *The New MAGA – “Morons Are Governing America”*

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