No Man’s Sky (dunkview)

No Man’s Sky (dunkview)

All spaghetti sauce, no meatballs.

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20 Responses

  1. Rosenberg Bello says:

    wait, the division has the same score,IF u play by urself.

  2. Youngster Joey says:

    Honestly, Dunkey and Liam (from Super Best Friends Play) playing Paper
    Mario: The Thousand Year Door would be really awkward – but entertaining!
    Well, no, just awkward.

  3. ColonelDegore says:

    its a shame that the game is just all flair and has no depth. was looking
    forward to playing it. Oh well, maybe they’ll add content that’s worth it

  4. Ryan Dorman says:

    Does anyone realize that space is this boring too.

    Like, maybe it’s more than a game. It’s a way to show us how our real
    universe is. We have to find beauty in the nothingness. It’s the closest
    we’ll ever get to exploring our universe. That’s why it’s so amazing. We’re
    exploring the closest thing to an infinitely expansive universe.

    Maybe it’s boring, but so is life until you look for the beauty in the

  5. hawk 4 reason says:

    18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets not one worth landing on LMAO

  6. orphiccoma says:

    What’s the song at the end?

  7. mrzack888 says:

    watch out, your channel will get DDoS attacked by haters.

  8. Charles Ritkes says:

    i play this game for its insanity i FOUD A FLOATING TENTACLE BRAIN WITH

  9. Kenyan Legs says:

    Dunkey is a dumb negro

  10. seal3081 says:

    Actually Rust was a really good game till hackers started showing up. The
    game was savage.

  11. Bangladesh Channel says:


  12. Rage Sans. says:

    My theory: Everyone is trying to get to the centre of the universe in this
    game right? Sean Murray has kept it a secret what is in the centre of his
    game. IT’S GOING TO BE FUCKING EARTH! I hope this is the case so much. And
    this is the place where you will find other players. The theme of this game
    will be about ending the loneliness and finding yourself, and hence other
    people just like you.

  13. PG says:

    Video game dunky do you live in Wisconisn

  14. ProMysticlo says:

    I couldn’t help but notice that you showed Starbound as a game that did
    something different than Minecraft. And while you’re right about that its
    problem is that it has the exact same issue that No Man’s Sky has. It’s the
    same repetative sequence that you said No Man’s Sky has. You go to one
    planet that’s procedurally generated to collect materials so you can make
    armor to fight a boss to collect a nano suit that allows you to go to the
    next part of the game; which consists of you gathering materials on a new
    planet so you can make an armor set and so on. In a way, No Man’s Sky
    wasn’t the first game to seem infinite. Because Starbound did it first and
    it was the same issue that they had. It’s hard to make a good space
    exploration game apparently.

  15. The Swoodest Grommet says:

    Im not sure to take this seriously or not

  16. Owl says:

    This guy has an interesting accent – is it a Brooklyn accent?

  17. Gary Partington says:

    This game is trash I paid 60bucks for this shit gonna trade it in

  18. Marcelo Cortez says:

    Welp you good sir just got yourself a new subscriber!

  19. luboisfat says:

    Knack better than Minecraft? I dont know if i should take this interview
    seriously anymore.

  20. juan valdez says:

    I knew it from the start. It was only gonna be fun for a couple days before
    the repetition kicked in. Good thing I have an amazing taste in games.