No Man’s Sky’s Super Duper Secret

No Man’s Sky’s Super Duper Secret

No Man’s sky is not the worst game ever. The trailers hyped it. The developers lied. But it’s not unplayable and the first hour is great. It gets boring fast. Way to0 fast for a full priced game. I would not recommend it to anyone. Also there is sound en space and black holes do not turn you into spaghetti.

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20 Responses

  1. da mon says:

    where is Killian from? I love his accent it makes everything so much

  2. Alsax1985 says:

    What the fuck is wrong with your robotic, disgusting accent? Can you make
    videos without talking?

  3. Alan Parsins says:

    Fuck you NMS is so awesome I fucking capitalised the fucking
    thing….capitalisation…that’s the name of the shame you hater!!!! Ow
    shit where the fucks the fucking ending. ERMMM…shit.

  4. Berrymouse says:

    LOL! I love your voice. It reminds me of PewDiePie!

  5. MGlBlaze says:

    I noticed that “I promise to show you how to beat all seven of them” line.
    Well played with the ending.

  6. zoheb saikia says:

    so funny… instant subscribed

  7. Johnathan T says:

    That was brutal. Well done.

  8. Lawlietftw30 says:

    I haven’t played the game, so a few of the jokes might have gone over my
    But that ending killed me.

  9. Tobiemoss says:

    These planets look about 35km diameter, yknow the moon is nearly 100 times
    that size.

  10. ContentZip says:

    This video had a better ending than the game did

  11. redsummers says:

    Killian is pretty good.

  12. Nun Ya says:


  13. TheTrueMac says:

    +1 for ending

  14. Argon says:

    I am so unbelievably sick of people bashing this game saying the developer
    lied, when it’s the people that over hyped it and made it something it
    wasn’t supposed to be, blaming the developers for not doing what they hyped

  15. big10113 says:

    please teach me how to be that’s savage

  16. Jackson Percy says:

    This is why you should never overhype and throw money at games that haven’t
    even been released.

    except Yooka-Laylee, ‘cuz that shit’s gonna be so good

  17. Cleanframe says:

    The secret is that its a bad game.

  18. Brendan Branson says:

    I’m so glad you can leave voice messages as comments now!!!

    ▶ ?──────── 00:10

  19. Picturing my love says:

    That ending.

  20. Taylor Oezer says:

    nothing’s more worse then me’ s ending