No one asked but I found Mortal Kombat’s best cuddler | Unraveled

No one asked but I found Mortal Kombat’s best cuddler | Unraveled

Mortal Kombat is a gruesome game filled with murderous characters that, honestly, should chill out a little. So Brian David Gilbert unraveled which Mortal Kombatant would cuddle the best.

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44 Responses

  1. strikingVapor says:

    patrick: let me see what you have!
    brian: scissors!
    patrick: no!!!!
    clayton: oh my god why does he have scissors

  2. Threefive Nine says:

    Kintaro should NOT have been excluded, he is a very big cat man, imagine the purr!?!

  3. godikynat says:

    “Her whole personality is woman”
    That describes 90% of 90’s characters

    • Jon Pearson says:


    • SweenerButtz says:

      90% of 90s male characters could be described as “Man”.
      Games were shallow for a long time, as much as we’d like to deny it.

    • Kai Plews says:

      +SweenerButtz well you could at least break man into 3 categories: gunhaver, knifehaver, and kickpuncher

    • Dead Channel says:

      Kai Plews You can split women up too: Sex Icon, and Voice of Reason (Voice of Reason is usually also a Sex Icon, but they have thoughts in their head, and usually only become suitors for the main characters half way through the story)

    • the videos 123123 says:

      Kip say hi to napoleon for me

  4. Mexgar says:

    “What have you got?”

  5. Almost Shay says:

    A haiku:
    Thank you, bdg
    Cuddle knowledge you impart
    (He is a fart man)

  6. SwoodMan 127 says:

    Brian: “There’s Red Bull in this mug”
    Also Brian: **high kicks**

  7. Ian White says:

    “High school boyfriend”

    “Low risk”

    *laughs in restraining order applicant*

  8. Tim de Visser says:

    ‘All Cops Are Bad at Cuddling’ -I chOKED

  9. Nike_Aguaraguazu says:

    I was going to say Kintaro. Double the cuddly, and extra fluffy.
    But I didn’t consider emotional availability. You are wise.

  10. North says:

    The subtitles spelling it “kuddler, komfort” etc was an incredible gag, thank you subtitler

  11. Jennifer Ravasia says:

    It’s not like NO one asked- I mean, Griffin McElroy asked on an episode of MBMBaM! Episode 357 – “A Wonderful Hug From Goro”

  12. Oh boi says:

    finally somebody aswers that question. ever since i was 5 i wanted scorpion and cass to hug me with their strong arms

  13. Shane's Book Corner says:

    The Brian David-Gilstache leaves me excited, energetic, and, can I be honest with you for a moment? Distraught.

    Oh, and aroused. Forgot the most important one.

  14. Omega Dragon says:

    “Horses are terrifying”

    “Got equinaphobia on a school trip”

    I really wonder what happened to make BDG so scared of horses.

  15. raennocturne says:

    I can respect opinions different from my own…but I feel the moral obligation to point out that Kintaro is not only a huge fluffy tiger man…he’s got two extra arms for bonus cuddling. Seems like prime cuddles to me.

  16. Nayank says:

    In the library procrastinating and your “Get Over Here!” gag with the perfect delivery made it very difficult to keep quiet

  17. Lief Theorine says:

    OKAY, BDG!! I’ve done a decent amount of jail time, and if anything, it has IMPROVED my cuddability!! This is slander against criminals!

    However, good video!

  18. Vivien Fabian says:

    “Eating in bed is a very bad habit.”
    Slowly lowers my sad pizza back onto its plate.

  19. Bruno Henrique says:

    I could listen to Brian talking bout sweet sweet LOVE for hours.

    PS: We still want that Argonian Maid audiobook, man!

  20. TheToxicZombie says:

    The erratic dancing at the beginning immediately followed by “There’s Redbull in this mug” is a peak example of BDG energy

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