No one can stop me from buying weird ads (not even you)

No one can stop me from buying weird ads (not even you)

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00:00 – hi
01:57 – buy
08:27 – lie?
12:10 – try
29:12 – fly
30:35 – pie
32:29 – bye

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38 Responses

  1. Jacob M says:

    ❤️ fart

  2. Advocatus Diaboli says:

    Finally a YouTuber that likes doing the thing everyone likes watching them do.

    • DigitalHarmony says:

      @David Liu I’m not saying it’s easy but most small YouTubers aren’t doing it solely for the money, they have a job interview the side and by the time they’re big enough to rely on YouTube solely they can drop a series they don’t enjoy and focus on things they do and most of their audience will stick around and they’ll gain new subs for the different content. There’s an audience for everything. But also many mainstream jobs consist of doing things we don’t enjoy for a pay check, I’m not saying it’s fun but it is what it is.

    • hero medley says:

      @Ember i know i just dont like watching videos i know youtubers hate to make you know they should be free to make whatever they want but algorithm and all

    • Olivia Z. says:

      @DigitalHarmony they can’t “just not” if YouTube is their main source of income. of course someone is going to feel trapped if the only way earn revenue sustainably is to do something they don’t enjoy

    • David Liu says:

      @DigitalHarmony Yeah they choose to do it but that choice might be financially necessary and if they don’t do it they’ll probably get comments demanding it which, combined with the worse performance of their other videos, could be really creatively demotivating. It also can be helpful for the audience to know how a creator feels about their own work so they can understand what is reasonable to except.

    • DigitalHarmony says:

      @Ember I think they meant YouTubers complain and act like we’re forcing them to do the thing when they could just not. If they do it because they know they get a ton of likes and views (ergo money), they shouldn’t make the fans feel Shitty for enjoying the content they’re actively choosing to make, ya know?

  3. j says:

    ngl Drew’s “click an ad but don’t buy anything” advice is something I’ve been doing for years. I like the idea that they have to pay for my click but I’ll never buy their product. If I keep it up, it should reach the point where it gets too expensive to advertise to me and I’ll never have to see a commercial ever again

    • Savana Johnson says:

      @Candace Studeny What site??

    • Object says:

      Yeah but the money goes to Facebook

    • Candace Studeny says:

      What I do….I learned in marketing. I go to a site I actually do like shopping at. I either hover for a long time or put things in my cart and leave them there. They will come back and offer me % off bc they “noticed items in my cart”. I’ll then buy when they’ve offered me enough off. Not foolproof, but it works about 80% of the time

    • TheBshwckr says:

      On Facebook and instagram advertisement is paid per 1000 impressions. So if you don’t click, they still pay.

    • Idran says:

      @MelodicSavant Also only about 1-5% of clicks lead to sales anyway

      Companies know that ads don’t automatically mean sales; combined with an average clickthrough rate of 2%, they’re already expecting only around one sale for every 1000-5000 impressions.

  4. AyShway says:

    I like how there are three categories of products here:

    – straight-up scams
    – stuff that’s probably meant for disabled people
    – completely normal items that Drew has somehow never seen before

  5. MultiMoozey says:

    I’m starting to feel a little bad for the moon pod. The way he was slouched against the wall while being berated just looked so sad. He didn’t ask to be made like that. He’s just a little guy trying his best with the faults somebody else designed 🙁

  6. Jaxzan Proditor says:

    I know everyone’s talking about Drew never having seen a garlic press before, but I’m more concerned he thinks it’s a “foul swoop” (or maybe Drew has some vowel shift from conventional American English).

    • Oska says:

      @Kelsey Williams I am fully aware of that, but bull/bowl as an example is due to the words sounding similar enough (though somehow developing into two phrases with distinctly different meanings) – for “fell swoop”, which comes from Shakespeare, to become “foul swoop”, you’d have to be mishearing it to mistake the word. So, therfore, there must be an accent where fell and foul sound similar enough to be mistaken, right??

    • Kelsey Williams says:

      @Oska , it’s not an accent. It’s using the wrong word.

    • Oska says:

      @Kelsey Williams its the first time im hearing foul instead of fell. Which accent is most likely to cause those words to sound similar?

    • Kelsey Williams says:

      He’s saying “foul swoop.”

      Like “bowl in China shop.” It’s a phrase that it is slightly mispronounced so often, it becomes a new phrase.

      UK comedian Dave Gorman has covered quite a few on his show. One of my favorites was “right from the gecko.”

    • L3dz3bra says:

      I was about to Google to see if I’ve been wrong all this time!

  7. lacerated by thumbtacks says:

    there’s nothing more entertaining in this world than seeing drew sacrificing his credit card balance over and over again from buying weird ads

  8. Thomas Bruinsma says:

    Hey drew, here’s a little garlic peeling trick: After removing the individual cloves, hold your knife sideways and place the clove under it. With your other hand, but pressure directly on top of the blade to crush the garlic gently enough to squish, but not flatten or crush it. The skin should then be easily removable from the garlic.

  9. clairekie says:

    calling a garlic press a “garlic EJECTOR” and selling it for 40 dollars is insane

    • taetaerinn_ says:

      i have one at home form ussr times😭 this is a normal thing to have in ukraine lol

    • hera says:

      quarter of the price? you can buy them for $3 at Walmart 😭

    • NotAnArmadillo says:

      I could go to a local grocery shop and find one for a quarter of the price, I thought they just existed everywhere

    • Unoriginal_Name says:

      I live in Canada and they’re pretty common, which is basically the same culture as the US so I’m surprised he’d never seen one of these before lol. They have decent ones at the dollarstore.

  10. cazfarri says:

    That “slush” thing had me crying and laughing. It had nothing to do with ice.

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