No, THIS is the CLEANEST Setup.

No, THIS is the CLEANEST Setup.

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We build a desk that transforms your laptop into a full gaming desktop workstation using a single Thunderbolt 3 cable.

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52 Responses

  1. Krotan says:

    So Linus drops things stealthy now. 3:15

  2. Prakhar Pandey says:

    Linus newspaper Ads…….

    Need employees….

    Graduate in Programming
    Graduate in Computer Hardware
    Graduate in IC Production

    Lvl 9999 Boss in Carpentry

  3. Tech Stuff says:

    How did origin sponsor you. You literally shitted all over it in your pc builders comparison. XD

  4. gamemeneerarmy says:

    Good video. Can you make a video about how to make your own custom eGPU with thunderbolt 3 To represent a better value?

    • jordan secrist says:

      A A lol obviously future hardware is going to be better.

    • A A says:

      @jordan secrist , I didn’t say better I said far more viable alternative. Right now with 4 lanes at 3.0 speeds provide worst performance than higher end Nvidia mobile chips that utilise ether 8 or 16 lanes. That on top of any extra device on the chain. You might as well just save money and purchase a higher end gaming laptop which yes are heavier but hardly unwieldy.

    • jordan secrist says:

      A A that is not even remotely true. Have you even tried using tb3 with an egpu? You lose what 15-25% performance at most?

    • jordan secrist says:

      A A I guess what mobile gpu are you talking about? Obviously a maxq 10 or 20 series card is going to be better, but hd graphics and iris graphics are not better. Not even remotely similar in performance.

    • A A says:

      @jordan secrist . 15-25% on what GPU, 1060? 1080? That figure is meaningless without knowing what GPU you pair it with as depending on card determines the use of lane bandwidth. That’s also I assume not accounting for any other devices chained on the link as they were doing here. As for comparison to Intel integrated graphics is ridiculous, anyone who can afford the cost of a external GPU housing plus GPU to put in it can easily afford to have a discreet GPU in their laptop.

  5. ViZo_FLIGHT says:

    oh yeah yeah great vid my dude

  6. Pp49 drew says:

    Oh yeah yeah

  7. Wadi Wadi says:

    “For most people a thin and light gaming laptop is more than enough” yeah in the first 2 years, then its time to upgrade the graphics and you have to go out and buy a new one (probably will cost you more than $1000), What a waste of money.

    I did this mistake 2 years ago and bought a laptop and it was expensive, now I am not happy about its performance and for sure will not buy a new laptop. I am going to build my own desktop.

    And yes as the first desktop I will cost me a considerable amount of money but later down the road when its time to upgrade the graphics I don’t have to buy new monitor, keyboard, mouse, motherboard, etc… . You only buy a laptop if you NEEEEEEED the portability.

    • Plasmaboo says:

      Price Power Portability
      You can only get 2 at most.
      And Power and Portability don’t go together very well, even if you sacrifice the Price, for a simple reasons called “physics”, more specifically “the law of thermodynamics”.
      Manufacturers trying to make something thin and light and at the same time powerful are fighting against the laws of thermodynamics, which is retarded because you can’t win, something they’d know if they paid attention in the physics class.

    • Robbie says:

      That’s such a stupid point nowadays. Hardware now lasts way more than 2 years. I don’t think people realise the 1080 and 1070 came out almost 3 years ago. And those graphics cards are still the most popular and some of the most powerful today. Components don’t date as quickly now as the hardware and software requirements are only getting upgraded very slowly now. Whereas in 2012 they changed quickly due to games getting better and better looking by large amounts each year. Something which doesn’t happen now

    • M a g e n t a says:

      You clearly aren’t one of the most people then are you, especially considering you’re interested enough to even be on this channel

    • The Austrian Avenger says:

      +Robbie yeah, right. That was true for dunno… 2012 but as you said, since the mobile GTX 10xx series, those things last much longer. for most cases: if you can’t get enough FPS to play the newest games, the problem is not the system, instead it’s a poorly optimized game.

    • UltraLike says:

      So I got a laptop for only 899€, 2cm thick, with GTX 860M in 2014!
      It’s still a VERY GOOD laptop for doing everything – including gaming (e.g. GTAV on high 1080p @50FPS)
      The laptop is over 4 yrs old now. So if you find the right deals, you can get Price Power and Portability 😉

  8. YaBoiKeegalz says:

    So a PC Nintendo switch?

    • abobakr fayed says:


    • Bane Bergan says:

      Or, a PC version of the ASUS Padfone from many, many years ago?
      Bad idea then, still not a great idea now.
      Not at all like a Nintendo Switch, as your home TV is still useful when your Switch is away/broken/whatever. The tablet part of a Padfone, was useless if your phone was busted, and this entire desk setup is 100% screwed if your laptop is away/broken/whatever.
      Overall, it looks cool, but it’s an awful idea.

  9. MMatos says:

    Spend +1k$ to avoid spending 1k in a desktop and Ikea desk. Interesting..

  10. Mr Suit says:

    + 1 setup , – 100 fortnite in thumbnail

  11. Rockie Smithson says:

    I would love to see a follow up video! I want to try this but I guarantee you it will never be that clean


    How much would I have to pay for you to come to my home
    and set up all that stuff for me ?

  13. Paul Hoppe says:

    Would love to see a Mac setup like this

  14. haey haey ho says:

    Oh yeah yeah

  15. tutut sj says:

    Oh yeah yeah i like clean oh yeah yeah

  16. Kurimi says:

    2:43 tf is a desktok

  17. Sonny Thompson is a Wank says:

    Oh yeah yeah like to undo or u have gay

  18. Woon Flivver says:

    Says “Rise of the Tomb Raider”. Launches “Shadow of the Tomb Raider”. And then STILL plays the first. Hmm.

  19. Orange Life says:

    Gotta attract the fornite’s 9yr olds‚Linus.

  20. ASMRShortbread says:

    The amount of desk space in his room makes me jealous. Does anyone else just have a lot of large, clean desks? No? Just me?

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