Noah Gragson and Daniel Hemric Fight/Josh Berry’s car destroyed | Xfinity Series Extended Highlights

Noah Gragson and Daniel Hemric Fight/Josh Berry’s car destroyed | Xfinity Series Extended Highlights

Relive all the action on track and off from NASCAR’s Xfinity Series race from Atlanta Motor Speedway. From Josh Berry’s crazy incident in the infield to Noah Gragson and Daniel Hemric’s post-race fight don’t miss a moment in these Extended Highlights.

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36 Responses

  1. RonaldBackmarkersFan says:

    Congrats to Justin Allgaier!

  2. Nascar Sam says:

    Noah Gragson seemingly can’t go a race without getting in a conflict.

    • MemeRacer says:

      @Nascar Mogul Clearly i mean thats a great observation but most of Noah’s on track shenanigans aren’t really his fault but cut the dude some slack

    • MemeRacer says:

      @Rod Stanley another case of a boomer he shouldn’t be fired mate

    • Nascar Mogul Clearly says:

      @MemeRacer You are half right, home-stead miami speedway, he blamed and cried that the 13 of David Starr screwed him over, though.

    • Genuine Drafter - Rusty Wallace Fan says:

      He’s got a team owner that’s doing him no favors at this point too… it’s fine to be aggressive… but you gotta have some control at the same time and not be in a stupid deal each week

    • Elijah barber says:

      @Genuine Drafter – Rusty Wallace Fan you talking about jr?

  3. LouieMeekin says:

    Noah’s probably gonna have beef with the flagman at this rate.

    • Tennessee Hollerboy says:

      I love it every story needs a villain.

    • nascarfanatic2425 says:

      @Robert Robinson And don’t get me wrong, I like Daniel Hemric, but when you start a fight, you better be prepared to actually fight instead of expect to be catered to; especially considering how rowdy Noah Gragson is.

    • futuredxve says:

      hemric is just an unimportant driver at this point, he walks up to noah, pushes him once and is ‘unexpectedly’ met by noahs fist. hemric’s fault.

    • Austin Wilson says:

      @Noe Hernandez you don’t have a clue. If you listen to his podcast you’d know dale doesnt want tell his drivers how to behave or act.

    • Kevin Ray says:

      @nascarfanatic2425 did you not see the left hook hemrick landed right in his big ass mouth

  4. TheGoodOne31 [GD] says:

    Loved how the drivers were fighting their cars all day. The bump and runs were so unique for a mile and a half track, and the passing was unbelieveable. Great race. 8 – 8.5/10

  5. Ricardo Masvidal says:

    Fighting after driving 100s of miles is very hard you must really want to fight that person

  6. Sam DeLoach says:

    Hell yeah. The REAL Nascar just peeked it’s head out……. I love it.!!!!! Let em have at it Nascar……

  7. MemeRacer says:

    Like they say don’t mess with the quiet guy they’re silent but deadly

  8. Tanner Mattey says:

    Surprised that Noah got through the interview without swearing

  9. Lance Osias says:

    I have a feeling that What in Carnation will make a fresh memes about this race

  10. areasevenpro says:

    “And there’s a fight between Noah Gragson and Daniel Hemric!! The tempers overflowing; they’re angry. They know they have lost. And what a bitter defeat.”

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