Noam Chomsky on the new Trump era – UpFront special

Noam Chomsky on the new Trump era – UpFront special

“The most predictable aspect of Trump is unpredictability. I think it’s dangerous, very dangerous,” says Noam Chomsky.

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18 Responses

  1. Gez501 says:

    The interviewer is trying to lead Chomsky – but he’s having none of it. The
    truth is Trump is an “unknown quantity”. His election speaches are way off
    base at times. At others quite rational. Which way will he jump? NOBODY
    KNOWS. We will all just have to wait an see. What is encouraging is that he
    says he is willing to talk with Putin in a positive way. That, at least, is
    a “plus”.

  2. Rachel Morales says:

    Trump was and is an awful choice for President

  3. Shaydon Bodemar says:

    I used to think Al Jazeera was reputable.

  4. Paula B. says:

    Those two right there are false prophets, that’s what get from leftist

  5. you2449 says:

    Wow. You know the media is radical, corrupt, dirty and Dangerous, when Noam
    Chomsky (Noam Chomsky!) is actually the more reasonable one in the

  6. Clinton Lewis says:

    You don’t have an agenda do you, Mehdi Hassan? Chomsky actually sounds
    somewhat reasonable in his explanations as you try to lead him in what you
    want him to say, at least he’s presenting a balanced if oppositional view
    of Trump’s statements. God I hate how journalists always try to bait their

  7. Love & Light says:

    No background ever well that I have to be a plus!!!!!!!!

  8. Clifton Harris says:

    You are the idiots with Fake news. Bringing your feelings into an interview
    is obviously biased. You all suck!

  9. Bryan Koerselman says:

    lol wtf is this?

  10. TheDtfamu89 says:

    The thing I’m worried about is the intellectual laziness he displays when
    it comes to international and domestic policy…will he read and study his
    briefings or will he rely so heavily on his advisors( who all have their
    own agendas). Trump’s ultimate goal is to make money, and to change policy
    to make it easier for his global enterprise to do business around the
    world. He’s a businessman… that’s what he does…..some of these other
    appointments have goals of their own and I’m worried he won’t reign them in
    while he pursues his own business agenda.

  11. Bob S says:

    Those libs trashing the streets are big losers with nothing to do,

  12. Miguel Sueiras says:

    better tweeting at 3m than spirit cooking and sleeping with minors

  13. NismoFury says:

    All you idiots in the world need to do is support Trump. Thats it. If you
    don’t you are an anarchist & unamerican.

  14. Spartan 137 says:

    I voted for Trump. So did my Black and Spanish buddies. You guys do a lot
    of generalizing. Al Liberalzeera

  15. Payne M says:

    Chomsky is so beyond the host.

  16. President Donald Trump says:

    I’m usually a huge fan of Chomsky, but I disagree with him here.
    How would progressives have kept Clinton’s ‘feet to the fire’ exactly? We’d
    be powerless to hold her accountable. From the email leak, we all know what
    Hillary Clinton thinks behind closed doors. She was quoted as saying you
    need a public and a private opinion. She’s corrupt. And I’m not
    regurgitating the fox news spin here, I’m serious, she is a very corrupt
    person. If Hillary won, she would have said “see you in 4 years suckers,
    thanks for the vote. I deserve the presidency.” It can be argued as a moral
    decision to vote for her, but given that we live in a country where the
    government has checks and balances, there is only so much wrong that can
    happen if we’re to assume the worst about Trump. The founding fathers built
    our legislative and judicial branches of government to defend against
    Tyranny, with the constitution being the final say. Since Trump won, a
    progressive resistance can be built, which is a better long term strategy,
    to get people to fight for what they want and get more involved and to
    create their own political system more representative of the country’s
    needs. When Obama won in 2008, he said that we’d have to all work together
    and that the road ahead would be tough. As soon as he won, everyone stopped
    caring because they thought he’d do it all- and look, he proved to be
    incredibly incompetent. People are waking up now and not sipping on the
    Democrat’s bullshit Kool-aid anymore.

  17. C.J. Fuller says:

    It’s pretty amazing how novice and irrelevant Al Jazeera doesn’t know they
    are in the world, especially in regards to America.

  18. chris hart says:

    this guy is fake news just because he’s colored means the election was
    based on race