“NOBODY WANTS MY BREAD” — A Bad Lip Reading of Fergie

“NOBODY WANTS MY BREAD” — A Bad Lip Reading of Fergie

Full-length version of Fergie’s rousing rendition of the classic “Nobody Wants My Bread”
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49 Responses

  1. Bad Lip Reading says:

    Had a lot of people asking for the full-length version of Fergie’s song from the NBA video. So that now exists. Happy 4th of July, all you fellow-Americans…

  2. Jesper_117 says:

    ohh dear and that minimal amount of clapping we hear at the end hehe

  3. Lymbe06 says:

    Aha aha aha aha aha *smacks lips intensely*

  4. Marco Silva says:

    Anyone else have goosebumps listening to this? Those high notes!

  5. Itor Lamop says:

    Hearing The bushes of love at the end makes everything ok!

  6. Sorcell says:

    Okay cool, but why am I crying?

  7. David Kølby says:

    Better than the original…

  8. Carries Water says:

    Im cutting up fruits for a fruit salad. Almost cut my damn finger i was laughing so hard😂. Happy 4th every one🇺🇸✌

  9. JILLIZA says:

    Better than sliced bread… I’ll leave

  10. peolesdru says:

    Lost my shit at 1:11

  11. Justin Why? says:

    Every day I worry all day

  12. Sheri says:

    I wonder how bread and black eye peas would taste?

  13. Deniz Balik says:

    I should see “Bushes of Love” coming every time, but every time I don’t, and every time it gets stuck in my head.

  14. Aww Yeaa says:

    I pooped out glass

  15. AnOldFashioned CountryLife says:


  16. Cplee says:

    Ok…So when are yall gonna drop the Bad Lip Reading version? I already seen the original

  17. Ruby Doomsday says:

    Well Fergie, we already knew you had bowel issues (and are most assuredly not an android)…
    But maybe see a doctor about that glass-pooping thing, okay? Okay.

  18. Ofentse Mwase Films says:

    I never thought this may be possible, but this is better than the actual performance!😂

  19. Vito Corleone says:

    Where are the *WORLD CUP* ones???

  20. Rezolent Music says:

    _Can I use that for the track..?_ ✌😏

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