Nolimit Kyro On Meeting G Herbo In 2008, Talks Herb & Bibby Not Doing S**t For The Hood (Part 5)

Nolimit Kyro On Meeting G Herbo In 2008, Talks Herb & Bibby Not Doing S**t For The Hood (Part 5)

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49 Responses

  1. 16ShotEm Visualz says:

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    • Michael Rivera says:

      He seems like he was trying to be careful with what he was saying. Herb not real cuz he didn’t sign the hood, but yet acknowledged that they have done stuff for the hood, just not what he thinks they should be doing for the hood 🤷🏽‍♂️🥴

    • Luna Maya says:

      ASI con toy y sus mañas no se la 😍💓🥰

      Sun: “Hotter”
      Sugar: “Sweeter”
      Joonie: “Cooler”
      Yoongi: “Butter”

      hay nomas pa ra reirse un rato y no estar triste y estresado por la vida dura que se vive hoy.
      Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente…..-

    • TBT NUMBAH 8 says:

      Nigga that shxt bout to shoot up the roof!!! Great interviews bro keep them hoes boming I wish you more peace love and success

    • Spark Truth1123 says:

      @Malik Da geek I hear u bro. But Von got VERY successful very quick and he was also with Lil Duke who’s very successful. Herbo may not have that type of money. The shit is not as easy as it seems. Herbo is not and has never been a great artist.

  2. Phil Farmintino says:

    damn this interview really put alotta shit into perspective .. come on 16 keep steady bringn us this legendary shit cuhz 💯💯

    • Mister Macknificent says:

      @splaashy murda damn you a hater in the rarest form how you wish death ☠️ on a nigha ain’t no coming back from that…

    • Donte Hess says:

      @Shamoy Senior so this protecting a fraud case? It not a gun charge or no street shii so plz explain

    • splaashy murda says:

      He gone get smoked soon

    • クールShinji says:

      Herb a simp, lil thots took all his money, and he left foenem behind 😂😂😂😂 I never liked lil herb, back then was always hoping kts von woulda bumped into him for his cap raps, lil jay chased bibby and made him ran, then bibby was talmbout “I ran cuz foenem was in the cut I ain’t want him to hurt you” lmao

    • Leah Seals says:

      @Sco’ what about the not signing em part 🤔

  3. GuttaGang3030 says:

    “I don’t need nothing from them i just want them to do right by they homies” . “Practice what you preach” kyro said allat and more but mfs still hearing what they want to hear

  4. Jeffrey Williams says:

    I respect little hommie speaking his mind and yes Von did come home and break bread with his guys which was some real shit RIP 🙏🏽 to Von bro was real and down for his set.

    • StaxxgangHundo says:

      @InTune these people half slow they think we gotta know them to use common sense they just stupid fans

    • InTune says:

      @Noura Bejaoui i don’t gotta know them to know that bro the federal government is spelling it out in court

    • Jeffrey Williams says:

      @B Moe I agree but with all the attention would be crazy to slide on them now . Trey 5 is out of jail somewhere he’s Von’s brother I don’t see him letting that go. Bruh Bruh getting out too we’ll 👀

    • Noura Bejaoui says:

      @InTune bro u don t k them u assuming

    • Noura Bejaoui says:

      @StaxxgangHundo was u there u was not goofy so stop that all them mfs said that was him being himself u k them people better? Top and Dq said he ain’t have to do that shit but he didn’t it cuz that s him Tay and mena said that was not surprising cuz he was always doing that with little money before the music kyro here said it was expected from von y all wanna tarnish a mf name when he dead that shit 🤡 shit

  5. T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me says:

    There’s friends and associates. It’s in every hood. Sounds like Kyro was an associate. It happens everyday. It’s niggas from my hood I came up wit if they got on I wouldn’t expect a dime from. It is wat it is

    • XglichersXD says:

      Dude clearly said he doesn’t want nothing from him. It’s just how you gone claim/rep the hood but you putting on for nobody. Herb appeartly be sending the guys off wit bogus promises to sign them. Look at von, as soon as he got a real bag he shared that shit and made songs wit the guys.

  6. Dee Vasquez says:

    Damn gotta appreciate him keeping it 100, but at the same time I don’t blame Herb, Duck did damn near all he could for his homies, when he was alive, but a lot them ain’t keep that same loyalty once he passed. Low-key feel like the same about Vons death too, it went from ‘gang’ to every man for themselves. That’s why I say once you make it you gotta do it for yourself, not your hood or homies.

  7. TheReaganEratv says:

    The world need to hear this shit 🙏🏾

  8. Infant Mob says:

    “Circle got smaller everybody can’t go” RIP Nip Hussle

  9. James Washington says:

    There’s friends and associates. It’s in every hood. Sounds like Kyro was an associate. It happens everyday. It’s niggas from my hood I came up wit if they got on I wouldn’t expect a dime from. It is wat it is

    • Thomas Rolack says:

      Some ppl feel that they need protection

    • Rarlton Gatsby says:

      @TayVent instigating niggas like Herbert is the reason why the hood is exploited. You lame niggas is like gentrification and believe anything these baby masons say. Sound like you got initiated early 😂😂

    • Rarlton Gatsby says:

      @Zzir Famo24 was you holding herb nuts when the CIA moved him on 79th? Herb was not born there. He was placed there. Everybody in Chicago know who everyone is. Stop speaking on history you know nun about Lil dork

    • Zzir Famo24 says:

      @Rarlton Gatsby nigga herb was living on that block way before kyro was even born fym 😭 sound goofy

    • TayVent says:

      @Latrell Johnson yes it is they ain’t do half what they want from herb. Expecting to get what someone else earned is why niggas stay broke and in the hood

  10. Dh3 says:

    I wish every young aspiring “rapper” would listen to this interview

    • You gon do sumn? says:

      @Dh3 blah blah blah, all I’m saying is not every aspiring rapper is a gang member, there are a lot of rappers who just normal folks.

    • Dh3 says:

      @You gon do sumn? next time listen to the damn interview before trying to comment, makes you look slow. Even 16 himself said the reason Herbo was his favorite rapper was because of the image he portrayed, feeding his homies and whole time he’s not doing shit. So in my mind he’s a fraud, but got the world believing he’s a dude feeding his people. So this ain’t about being in a gang. This is about image and the need to have a certain image in order to be a successful rapper. There are young people in my city who really think they are killers because of this drill music. Your mind doesn’t get it yet

    • You gon do sumn? says:

      Not every rapper in a gang bro😂 stop saying “every young aspiring rapper” you sound goofy asl

    • La Nova says:

      @Soul Stades So that they know that these niggas don’t really be living what they rapping.

    • Malik King says:

      nigga he talkn bout him not bein 💯, how da fuk dats speaking on his case? u jus wanted to type suttn goofey 😂

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