Nomad of Nowhere: Episode 3 – Trouble on Purpose | Rooster Teeth

Nomad of Nowhere: Episode 3 – Trouble on Purpose | Rooster Teeth

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A ruthless bounty hunter descends upon Bliss Hill in search of the Nomad. Toth’s mission to the Outskirts makes her grow impatient. The Nomad must decide whether to help the people who ran him out of town. Join FIRST to watch episodes early:

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About Nomad of Nowhere:
A mysterious nomad traverses a western wasteland — but a price on his head sends him on the run from captors and bounty hunters, who all want to score big when they bring in the world’s last magical being.

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99 Responses

  1. Issy-Wolfy Carlos says:

    *Nomad squad were u at?*

  2. CrownedCyrilU 『Betty Noire』 says:

    This show is actually pretty great!

  3. Owl Snek of Athens says:

    *see notification*
    *clicks it immediately*


    *is only attracted to him what*

  5. Airmo says:

    “Hurting people, hurt people”
    Words to live by

  6. WeissedCoffee says:

    The bounty hunter is a male Yang

  7. Tomas Roque says:


  8. GSmith624 says:

    This show is weird. I still can’t decide if I like this or not

    • Minetastick 5 says:

      Things to make a good show: good story great animation interesting characters and have several original ideas but not to crazy that it doesn’t change the feel of it and this show has all of that.

    • Kaiyuni says:

      The first two episodes were weak to be honest, not a powerful intro to the series. Only characters I like so far is Skout/Nomad. This episode turned it into a slightly better direction, and I hope it continues getting better. I don’t mind a few ‘warm up’ episodes if it means getting a great series. While I didn’t care for episode 2 very much, I see why it was necessary.

    • Alternian Shenanigans says:

      Yeah me too, I feel like the animation should be different but I dunno how

    • AnSpookyGhost says:

      The main problem with this show without a doubt is pacing. The last episode especially dragged on for a bit long. I feel like this episode was a major improvement. I am still on the fence, aswell, but this is a MAJOR improvement.

    • Thomas Gaming says:

      GSmith624 like it



  10. Lancealot234 Of the Camelot Kingdom says:

    what is that light in the nomads chest? itseems to only glow when he does a good deed or if he has to leave a good person

  11. Sophiealicemay says:

    Well at least *somebody’s* robotic arm has a vibrating function…

  12. Ian Lex says:

    I think the Nomad WAS evil but somehow changed. I don’t know, that’s what I think

  13. Agent797sboy says:

    I’m calling it now.

    That Watermill is going to bring back the water at some point near the end of this show.

  14. Sofiayayayey - says:

    Wow I can’t believe Yang fought the Nomad

  15. Hicehamer says:


  16. LadyChild says:


  17. Arturo Garza says:

    Don Paragon is already using the news that the Nomad is merciful against him.

  18. Air-headed Aviator says:

    Time for my Saturday Morning Cartoon!

  19. Zono says:

    I have an odd feeling that the mill is simply trying to find water

  20. Justin Cartwright says:

    I just want the nomad to have one more type of magic at least soon. The life giving is good… but pretty useless. He has no control over anything, which i guess is the point that makes him so innocent, but still.

    • Dallas Upchurch says:

      Honesly i like it the way it is he’s not an overpowered badass, he’s a kid with powers he doesn’t understand

    • Steven Chisari says:

      Justin Cartwright i kinda feelblike he has amnesia so he doesnt have a clue what he can do

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