Norman Reedus Loves To Lick People – CONAN on TBS

Norman Reedus Loves To Lick People – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: Norman’s licking is so well-known, his last name has become Urban Dictionary slang.

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20 Responses

  1. CUJO King says:

    Guarda questo video su YouTube:

  2. Caught Crafting says:

    Illuminati confirmed

  3. Isaac A says:

    Totally ripped off TOmmy Lee with the licking peoples face thing.. -.-

    and complete douchebag move “i gotta do something..” Happy BDAY MOM *PURPOSELY

    If this guy wasn’t on tv on a popular show, we’d all be like what a

  4. Celina Burkhardt says:

    So many thirsty girls…but then again I’m one of them

  5. Onemanfrom ohio says:


  6. Schmittpal Zippy says:

    I once licked a B-52 at an airshow…

  7. Kenny Davis says:

    Whoever this guy is :|

  8. jimmy5343688 says:

    Total £ick, Blesses himself and holds up baphomet hand sign all within the
    space of two minutes, c/nt ! Good on you Conan for pointing it out.

  9. Bl4CJ4CK says:

    Damn this dude’s awesome :D

  10. knight0582 says:

    yay throw in some illu signs like all the athletes and musicians , wonder
    he didnt do the triangle over the eye Thing ^^ maybe some hitler Hand
    str8 up greeting ? ^^

  11. Aly Dematti says:

    Norman is the coolest.

  12. Rane Sant says:

    Norman Reedus is the definition of “cool”.

  13. David Steck says:

    He look like he just crawled out of a sewer

  14. LuckyNumberSevens77 says:

    No. His mom is a huge Texas Longhorns fan. Hook Em!

  15. KabutoRex says:

    Norman Reedus? Never heard of her.

  16. valiantnipple says:

    he seems chill

  17. patrick gorman says:

    omg a few people called him handsome, some even a pretty boy. wtf looks
    like a greasy haired troll. 

  18. MrJambot says:

    Shame about the devil sign but otherwise seems like a nice guy. God bless.

  19. iHeartBleuFleur says:

    I seriously can’t wait for the next episode of The Walking Dead! Hope we
    get to see more Daryl next episode
    Also for those of you complaining about his hair.. Since he’s on
    The Walking Dead he has to keep his hair like that. That’s just how his
    character’s hair is.

  20. GedaCrew says:

    This guy must really love his own shadow. “yeah I lick people cause I’m
    weird like that, and weird is cool right?” what are you 12? Dude you better
    get your tongue checked for nerd diseases