Normani & 6LACK – Waves (Official Video)

Normani & 6LACK – Waves (Official Video)

Normani feat. 6LACK available now:

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59 Responses

  1. DeJané Angel says:

    *Brain: Knows 6LACK is pronounced black*

    *Me: SixLack*

  2. Lashelle Coleman says:

    Somethings not right no matter how good she does her followers don’t go up

  3. Nadiushka Suely says:

    It’s amazing to see her evolution. Mani you’re so talented girl. This video gets our attention from beginning till end. She’s such great dancer, a true performer. Now I didn’t really pay much attention to 6lack till today, but let me tell you something: what a sexy chocolate ??

  4. baby driver says:



  5. Ikram Hussein says:

    I never really listened to 5H but I really enjoyed Normani’s part in Love Lies & decided to watch this and I’m impressed by the originality of this video as well as her soothing vocals. She’s already proven she’s a decent performer and I really feel like she has star quality and the potential to really blow up. I’m really wishing her the best ?

  6. Aquele Fã says:


  7. Don Glozkid says:

    If you need checklist video next. Hit the like button. ?

  8. Precious Christian says:

    How does this have only 64k views with 65k likes, it doesn’t make sense

  9. Hayli Martorana says:

    I don’t know what I just watched…… I’m sorry I’m just trying to figure out where my English went…. just- I mean- um- what the- wow. NOR?MAN?I? ok now I gotta watch this again until I break the button

  10. Janethan says:

    Honestly it shouldn’t be allowed for someone to be so stunning AND talented

  11. Chaniya Coleman says:

    Normani and 6Lack is giving me black excellence.

  12. Michaela Witter says:

    Uhgggg she killed it ?????

  13. Jose C. says:

    I’m not even a big Normani fan, but all she has been releasing are instant hits lately… First Love Lies, Waves, then Dancing With A Stranger… All I can tell is that her debut album will be filled with R&B bops and I’m all for it. Really making a name for herself. Come thru Normani!

  14. Ciarah Cox says:

    These views don’t look right…idk is it just me?

  15. bby a says:

    can we talk about how creative this video is

  16. Zyon Maneafaiga says:

    I KNOW what y’all are NOT about to do is sleep on Normani. She was slept on for way too long in 5H and I’m ready for her to be recognized for her brilliance

  17. Itachi Moon says:

    I feel like youtube are freezing her views because the likes and views ratio don’t make sense!? Everytime I refresh the video the numbers are still the same. I really want to see this girl and many other dark skinned women win, hope people notice this mess ?

    • wa wa says:

      lol, you and i both, but it seems a lot of folks in that world dont. its bullshit tbh, good thing she’s gonna make it anyways

    • Mustardy Boi says:

      You guys don’t know how YouTube works, don’t you?

      It isn’t a race thing, this is very common problem amongst most content creators and is becoming even more prevalent due to lack of supervision. It’s supposed to root out a mass number of views, subscribers, or likes/dislikes to disregard any bots. After the search is done, most (if not all) of the previously mentioned will be returned.

    • Narc 1820 says:

      +Mustardy Boi
      So why does YT keep unsubbing me? Mr. Know it all.

  18. UmBipolar says:

    AHHHHHH!! Eu te amooooo

  19. Soto says:

    she’s giving us beauty, vocals and choreo. She’s pure talent. I stan a legend. Period.

  20. Briana Smith says:

    I don’t care what anyone says she is a triple threat she give me hope in humanity and in life itself !! Love you, your music, and your truth! Please don’t ever stop being you and keep making true music even if it isn’t the status Quo you will always be one of the best of all up there with Beyoncé to me! Please give it up to this talented beauty she deserves it and so much more! God bless her and I hope she keeps rising like the star ? she is! Please no hate it’s just my opinion if you don’t agree that’s okay but please be nice that’s all I ask thank you ??!

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