Normani – Motivation (Official Video)

Normani – Motivation (Official Video)

“Motivation” Available Now:

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44 Responses

  1. Cettie Andreas says:

    Director: okay today we on slow moves alright!
    Normani: eeerrr workouts for life bruh
    Director: ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ariana, Max Martin and her regular team worked with Normani on this too, hope there’s coming a collab

  3. Paputaaa says:

    Def stanning! Now about to practice all these moves in the mirror!

  4. ROXAAN ROXAAN says:

    Who had to watch it again?
    My girl Normani did that????????????

  5. Cornyco says:

    Her talent was stifled in that group… SHE SHINES! <3

  6. ChibimanV 84 says:

    Normani was serving us some 2000s J Lo, Aaliyah, and Beyonce vibes. And I’m loving all of it.

  7. Trey Walker says:

    A WHOLE BLACK MOMENT ? yesss Normani ?

  8. Britney Jackson says:

    Black is beautiful. #blackgirlmagic EVERYWHERE. ♥️??

  9. Kirra Lanette says:

    I bet all the dislikes are from the former lead singer of 5th harmony,
    Camila Cabello fans.????

    Oops #NoShade

  10. Khalima Howard says:

    I’m glad we finally have a powerful darkskin girl to represent for our darkskin sistas?makes me feel inspired that i can become a singer one day 2?

  11. ana lu says:

    she’s her own competition, nobody is above that girl ?

  12. Sahara Coleman says:

    Needs to be #1 Trending ASAP PERIODT! ??‍♀️?


    She gave us , Beyoncé – Crazy in Love & Baby Boy
    Ciara – one two step , J.Lo – I’m Real , & Omarion – Touch , Ashanti – Happy Vibes ?

  14. crackhead indeed says:

    Wig? *snatched*
    God?*took their time on her*

  15. ctrlregis says:

    if this doesn’t break records and go #1 I’m suing

  16. Shasha Vengesayi says:

    This is the best 2000s tribute. Best choreography PERIODT.

  17. Kimberley says:

    I literally cried. I am sooo proud of you Normani. Can’t no other female artist do what you just did.

  18. Maria says:

    Normani did what she had to do. And those dance moves…a natural-born performer ?

  19. Cleo Amora says:

    Hand stand into a split? Girl, she deserves everything coming to her ? my knees hurt just watching that

  20. Nicho says:

    This is the type of video and artist I’m proud to say represents my generation??‍♂️ ✨ BLACK GIRL MAGIC

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