North Carolina vs. Duke Condensed Game | 2018-19 ACC Basketball

North Carolina vs. Duke Condensed Game | 2018-19 ACC Basketball

North Carolina vs. Duke: The No. 8 Tar Heels went on the road and got a convincing win over their rivals the No. 1 Blue Devils, 88-72. Luke Maye was tremendous scoring 30 points and grabbing 15 rebounds for North Carolina. Cam Johnson chipped in 26 points and 7 rebounds for UNC. RJ Barrett led Duke with 33 points and 13 rebounds.
Watch the Condensed Game from Duke Blue Devils vs. North Carolina Tar Heels, 02/20/2019

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95 Responses

  1. Jahfari Francois says:

    I can already hear the duke fans.
    “iF ZiOn dIDn’T gEt hUrT wE wOuLd’vE wOn”

  2. Timothy Grimes says:

    give UNC credit.Although Zion was injured,they played well.If they’d been hitting threes,it would have been alot worse.Hopefully Zion Will be okay.

    • Art Vandalay says:

      +Dyllan Price bare with him man, he doesnt know anything about basketball. Unc showed out against the #1 team like they were suppose to, this is there second blowout win in a row.

    • Pj Pitts8732 says:

      Doesn’t matter how many top 5 players you have, it’s a team sport. UNC played better as a team and took advantage of Zi being out.

    • NC Kuntry says:

      +Art Vandalay apparently, what do you know about basketball? Really what do you know? I’ll bear with you, how about that? It’s “bear” not “bare” you know what I mean? Because I almost “barely” understood what u was trying to say! Smh stupid! Smh

    • NC Kuntry says:

      +Pj Pitts8732 This is Zion man, that’s all I’m saying. When he got messed up, that game was dead man. Nobody cared who won man, it was over! And it’s amazing how some fans just don’t respect a certain player. That’s all I’m saying

    • NC Kuntry says:

      +Pj Pitts8732 and thank you for your comment, they should argue with you

  3. Junel Acebo says:

    That 2500$ was not worth as zion injured ?

  4. A1 Shaud says:

    Can we just talk about the price of the tickets for this game thooo?.

  5. Cj Armour says:


  6. Jaybo Greenbo says:

    Poor Nike. What a Marketing DISASTER! The shoe actually exploded!! Wouldn’t want to sit in on that QC meeting in the morning ?

  7. Jaybo Greenbo says:

    Adidas, New Balance, Under Armour, Puma are celebrating the explosion of a Nike shoe on the most watched game of the year. Zion might shut it down after this scare. Hopefully he recovers easily and has an awesome pro career. I love watching that guy play the game ?

    • Yaddle Da paddle says:

      Jaybo Greenbo not a duke or UNC fan but I hate seeing players get hurt, especially someone so talented as Zion

  8. Christian Schneider says:

    That brush-past handshake by Coach K was weak as hell. Roy Williams has never done that to anyone EVER.

    • justin holmes says:

      +SWEET BABY Right lol

    • Jaybo Greenbo says:

      34% FG%, 20% 3 pt FG% ,20 turnovers will make any coach SALTY?

    • Westside 4LIFE says:

      Fuck Mike Krzyzewski Salty Ass Bastard! U got Smoked now u wanna half Ass the Handshake, but when he’s beating up on the little sisters of the poor he wants to holds hands and whisper in the Coaches ears!! Big Nose Bytch!!

    • jeepman 3114 says:

      That was a weak handshake as handshakes go. Just acknowledge that the better team prevailed and do it with dignity. LOL @ , couldn’t have said it better.

    • Zayne simard moore says:

      John Stubbs yeah and if Zion didn’t get hurt they win this game or they win later on in the ACC tournament.

  9. MartialMan says:

    Duke was awful.. UNC was quick and aggressive in the paint… And the ticket price thou

    • Duke Blue devils says:

      Duke was awful but if zion didn’t get injured they would of won

    • Earle Fowler says:

      UNC was quick and aggressive in the paint. That was the intent with or without Zye……A Duke win with Zye may have been the best game in decades. UNC would not have played any diff. Just imaging UNC loosing playing like that……it would’ve been a grand display of college rival bb

  10. Tyrell says:

    Did his shoe just exploded. Nike WTF

    • TCaad10 says:

      Yep, there is another video, just look up “Zion injury”. You see how his foot blasts through the shoe. Really embarassing for NIKE. I think it´s a pair of PG 2.5.

    • Dobin Lim says:

      TCaad10 NBA and College athletes switch out their shoe almost every game. Not to mention that Zion is a 280 lbs freak of nature, he also wore those since February 5th, so 2 weeks of practices and games, with the same pair of shoes. He probably did not switch them out because breaking in a new pair of shoes takes about a week or so.

    • Art Soul says:

      His shoe broke.

    • Eric Barlow says:

      Tyrell to be fair these shoe companies tend to make shoes for people under 180. This guy passed that threshold by 100. Unless they were specially designed for his weight and activity, it was bound to fail.

      Now I’m a Tar Heel fan and loathe Dook aka the Evil Empire. But I’m glad that if it had to happen it didn’t cause a severe injury like an ACL tear. Right now it looks like a sprain and hopefully he will be able to recover.

    • echeran says:

      “Hey Mike, is it the shoes?” “No Mars, it’s not the shoes.” “It’s gotta be the shoes!”

  11. J Quest says:

    not happy with Zion getting hurt, but for all the Duke fans out there: HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

  12. KurllyKidd says:

    Excuse City in these comments. Duke is literally the worst shooting team I can think of ?. Zion can’t help you there.

  13. KurllyKidd says:

    Zion could’ve been wearing Jordans at UNC. ☕?

  14. Cody Horne says:

    Commentators obviously have a Duke bias. I’m a Volunteer fan but come on now. UNC dominated here.

    • Matt Story says:

      +YuNG DaDE I’m saying that it’s his wake up call that he needs to hang up his shoes before he breaks them again ?

    • Matt Story says:

      +Dayvon Savage you ain’t winning it either.

    • D1amondLuck says:

      poundmytomtom you’re a complete idiot aren’t you? Doesn’t duke apparently have 4 first round picks on this team? I’d admit Zion is the best out of all of them, but please, get over the loss and get rid of the salt! Unc won a great game by 16 points on the road… let’s see what you guys can do in Chapel Hill in a few weeks with or without Zion

    • Dodgers Fan says:

      Dayvon Savage you guys won’t make it past the first round lol???

    • D1amondLuck says:

      Dayvon Savage what makes you think duke can… especially without Zion. Duke is absolutely garbage without him carrying y’all.

  15. James Ross says:

    RJ and Cam vs North Carolina

  16. William Crowe says:

    Zion or no Zion that was an ass whippin.

    • Happy Gilmore says:

      +deonfenbauer comments my argument was proper. Unlike his jibber jabber talking. And actually I’m not white. So how can I be racist??

    • TwoTone Gatman says:

      You trippin with Zion would’ve been a whole different story

    • Earle Fowler says:

      +Omar Fonseca Jr what……talk with maturity. Funny how UNC and 5 star recruits don’t hand in hand.
      Zye went down but it appears that UNC was already determined to run the Dukise, not run with them, with or without Zye. Unless you think UNC came with fear in their heart. UNC operated like the Golden State Warriors, ya know basketball 101……half court first, run when you get the opp, exploiting gaps and mismatches. One and done verses college program basketball…….take your pick. Love them or hate them UNC lives for true college basketball…….

    • jeepman 3114 says:

      All that trapping they did against Louisville didn’t work against UNC. They probably watched a little bit of film.

  17. Tata Brada says:

    This loss and the handshake in the end shows you the true face of coach K. The guy was always and is always blessed with supreme basketball athletes on his team roster so his coaching abilities never got exposed. Bad coach…bad sportsmanship

    • Jacob Massey says:

      Dude you’re an idiot. Coach K used to win with a bunch of white guys and fundamentals. The 1 and done era started with Kyrie Irving in 2011

    • scythecam says:

      Whats this “give him” average players shit? He RECRUITS the players he gets to play for duke. Thats part of the job dumbass.

    • T C says:

      Best coach in college basketball history. One bad game means he’s a bad coach? Fuck outta here you don’t know basketball then

    • Steve Forsythe says:

      Yeah because bad coaches always coach the Olympic team.

    • RockSmith1988 says:

      About par for the course for the leader of men he’s a bad sport all the way around egotistical POS but has never been called out on it

  18. Jonah Lossiah says:

    Yes Zion went down, and he’s player of the year type material. But …

    Duke still had 2 top ten picks and was at home. UNC shoots 2/20 from three and their best scorer plays his worst game of the season

    Give UNC their credit for such a convincing win.

    • Darrell Fullwood says:

      +Eric Daniel stop making excuses they lost

    • Eric Daniel says:

      +Darrell Fullwood not sure what you’re talking about. I am Tarheel blue through and through. Just pointing out that losing Zion early was the worst case for a young team. A more veteran group may have adjusted better.

    • Joel McMath says:

      They still had 4 McDonald’s all American everybody is acting like the rest of dukes team isn’t ridiculous talent without Zion. That is still a top 10 talent team. They just got their lip busted out of the gate and couldn’t get it together, then got worn out for 39:20

    • Zayne simard moore says:

      Joel McMath all because they didn’t have their leader in Zion. I don’t know if we watched the same game but when Zion was gone, nobody else was stepping up.

    • Joel McMath says:

      Zayne simard moore that was the lip busted and couldn’t get it together part. It’s a young team that looked lost. I’m sure K will coach them up and put something together but they better learn how to play without Zion.

      The no one stepping up is the point, they have the talent they just got rattled.

  19. Marcus Brown says:

    Coach K Was Kind Of Salty at the End Though?

  20. S Rob says:

    I’m a uk fan and I like Roy Williams but man, coach k is a real Dick

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