North Korea detains another American citizen

North Korea detains another American citizen

Fourth American to be detained

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20 Responses

  1. Four Disastrous Years Coming says:

    North Korea should detain Trump.

  2. David Edward says:

    This only happens because we have a weak president who’s too afraid to take on North Korea

  3. Laurie Posner says:

    If you are taking a Job and living in North Korea WTF do yo think will happen to you??

  4. Honky Tonk says:

    Deserved to be imprisoned with hard labor because smart americans know not to go there.

  5. Toonses says:

    Just moab his palace.

  6. Egil Lomeland says:

    Are they all stupid? They are.

  7. StinkFingerr says:

    Don’t go to NK you fools!

  8. Micha EL says:

    No sympathy for morons who climb into the Hyena cage at the zoo!

  9. Space Cop says:

    why would you want to work in north korea thats just stupid

  10. Windows Seven says:

    cmon trump kill that motherfucker!!

  11. Sam Huey says:

    There should be a travel ban to North Korea if these morons keep going there.

  12. movros ninety-nine says:

    If you’re an American and you travel to N Korea, you are an idiot.

  13. Michael Snyder says:

    At what point in your life does it occur to you that going to North Korea is a good idea?

  14. Hidan says:

    punching that fat fuck in the face would be the only time it’s okay to hit a women.

  15. devira says:

    Just looking from this comment section, Americans whose really active only in social media are mostly idiot

  16. Terry Moore says:

    Wish he would get Obama, Hillary, Valerie Jarrett, George Soros and put them on his nuclear weapons!

  17. Amberly love says:

    We need to get our people back.

  18. Melissa Anne says:

    Kim Kong Un is crazy

  19. Lisa Sandoval says:


  20. Saving/me says:

    Not to be mean,but why do whites like to travel to North Korea when North koera hates them?

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