Northern California earthquake causes ‘widespread damage’ to roads, homes

Northern California earthquake causes ‘widespread damage’ to roads, homes

A magnitude 6.4 earthquake shook parts of Northern California early Tuesday, jolting people awake, the U.S. Geological Survey said, causing widespread damage and leaving thousands without power.

Here’s the latest:

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30 Responses

  1. OceanBlue Heart says:

    This happened a year ago around the same time. Humboldt county should make an Anniversary Alert.

  2. cattypurry says:

    Live 200 miles away and got the quake alert immediately. Didn’t feel any shaking because of the distance. Good thing I was awake, as that alert system is thankfully loud.

    • Elizabeth Hennessey says:

      @cattypurry I lost everything in the Almeda fire in S. Oregon on September 8, 2020 – my whole town burned down. The alert system failed that day – we had no “Go now” notice at all!

    • Elizabeth Hennessey says:

      @Gabagool If you have an iphone go to Settings, Notifications then scroll all the way down to the bottom where you can turn on/off different alerts like Amber alert and government alert – it was government alert that I got.

    • Rum Ham says:

      Same here. I’m starting to think these alerts aren’t helpful.

    • Elizabeth Hennessey says:

      I live 200 miles away too – got jolted awake then the alarm – OMG – I was not expecting that! Got me awake and up and ready for whatever for sure LOL but no damage here in S. Oregon

    • Cesar Reyes- says:

      @Gabagool the shake alert app

  3. Kael hooten says:

    This area gets earthquakes every year, but usually not such a long event.

  4. H Johnston says:

    Every region has to deal with Mother Nature. Earthquakes and sinkholes are so scary to me because there is just no warning. At least with Hurricanes and tornadoes (where I live), we get a warning and can prepare. All the best to everyone affected. Stay safe.

  5. Rex Redmon(Walking in the Word) says:

    I grew up in Ohio my whole life but I’ve lived in Roswell New Mexico for the last two decades and just last week I experienced the first ever earthquake. Now it was brief and not particularly strong but it was definitely an earthquake and apparently it had occurred somewhere north of Midland Texas and was a 5.4 there. It led to my guitars that hang on my walls swinging like pendulums for about 45 seconds and was quite crazy as this is not an area you think of when you think of earthquakes.

    • Rich Robson says:

      I also grew up in Ohio, but have spent most of my life in SoCal (San Diego County). The biggest earthquake I experienced was in central Ohio. Our bed moved across the floor, running into the wall. Never felt anything even close to that in my 40 years in California. The second largest quake I experienced was in New Mexico. Go figure!

    • dick fitzwell says:

      Roswell New Mexico? I’d be more worried about Alien encounters than earthquakes.

    • Virginia Alt says:

      @straybullitt 3393 Geology teaches that CLIMATE IS CONTROLLED BY THE SUN, which by the way, is getting hotter and sending larger flares to earth. Mankind may be contributing to it, but certainly even if mankind gave up all energy and started living in teepees like the American Indian, it would NOT stop the sun from warming and changing our climate. Earth will not continue forever. It does have an expiration date. But God does not and those who ask Jesus to save them, will inherit eternal life. But not this evil world.

    • Gary Fisher says:

      Pretty crazy feeling

    • NOAH says:

      @Bonito Bonita nope, there’s no such thing as Climate change. We are the carbon footprint they want to eliminate.

  6. blindside says:

    Wow this is unbelievable I was just watching videos of fault lines in Cali yesterday 😅 and this happens

  7. Nancy Chace says:

    Thanks for a good report. Glad this wasn’t worse. Am waiting for the next Big One in the Bay Area. Would be good to learn more specifically of what their typical damage was. What kinds of electrical? How did the gas lines fare?
    Grateful the warning system worked. Lol – I’m in the S. SF Bay area. My alarm went off – Omg! – I sat there and waited for the other shoe to drop and nothing happened. Lol. Still waiting – thankfully.
    Take care, folks. Happy holidays to all.

  8. Darla Tidwell says:

    🙏 for those affected.

  9. Repulsee_ says:

    I was about 150 miles away and there was a lot of shaking very surprised on how far I was and the shaking that occurred here.

  10. [Hashknight Gaming] says:

    That is the southern part of the cascade subduction zone.

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