Northern Iowa vs. Texas A&M: Aggies mount massive comeback in final minute

Northern Iowa vs. Texas A&M: Aggies mount massive comeback in final minute

Down 12 points with 44 seconds to go, Texas A&M came back to tie the game and force overtime against Northern Iowa.

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20 Responses

  1. Adan Bean says:

    At a certain point, all UNI had to do was just throw the ball the length of
    the court. At least time would’ve been eaten up. Of course, this is all
    hindsight. Aggies deserve that win.

  2. Cam Heikkinen says:

    Worst reffing I’ve seen in a while.

  3. Jonathan McCormick says:

    I had no rooting interest in this game at all, but 0:32 and 1:40 should
    have been fouls, and 1:13 should NOT have been. Objectively more contact in
    those two spots.

  4. Wood Blake says:

    All Washpun had to do when he was trapped was heave it to the other side of
    the court or in the air, but he threw it to A&M instead.

  5. B Bergdale says:

    At 1:25 there was no foul. He didn’t touch him. Next play at 1:35 Washpun
    was fouled!

    UNI should not have lost this game, but that was some poor officiating.

  6. Serial Crepeist says:

    It’s like they intentionally kept turning the ball over.

  7. laquan darling says:

    OHHHHH Myyy GOssssshhh

  8. Mr.Gemini says:

    #4 lossed them the game, he turned the ball over and he played absolutely
    NOOO defense whatsoever.

  9. mechster1 says:

    Thumbs down for editing it, why do so many youtubers like to overly edit
    great stretches in a game when they don’t have to, it was only a minute of
    action, you coulda just posted the whole thing unedited, I don’t mind
    editing out timeouts and stuff, but you chopped up some of the actual play
    on the court, not as good.

  10. Terry Gore says:

    Anyone know where we can watch the whole game – not just the highlights?

  11. LectricSheepz says:

    As a Kansas fan, gotta say I’m not feeling too bad for Northern Iowa right

  12. cottonclarksa says:


  13. Mirko Djordjevic says:

    who won at the end?

  14. cmpopha77 says:

    that foul on UNI was straight bull

  15. B Brown says:

    Dumbest coach in America. How do you lead the whole game and have no
    timeouts left at the end? How do you justify not having another kid that
    can in bound the ball? How do your kids not know that in a jump ball
    situation the ball goes back to us? How do you justify not having a play to
    run once the ball get inbounded to get another guy open to advance the
    ball?? Just awful, awful coaching.

  16. Josue Acevedo says:

    im not a fan of either of them but i still feel depressed

  17. Asma Tokes says:

    My body has chills

  18. Matt Jennings says:

    How do you show your face around campus after that one?

  19. Chris Castellani says:

    I think people who blame the refs for losses are losers but I’m really just
    curious, where was the foul at 1:14? Hands were straight up.

  20. sexyandrejs says:

    Embarrassing to watch such a low level players