Norwich City vs Manchester United | Key Moments | Quarter-Finals | Emirates FA Cup 19/20

Norwich City vs Manchester United | Key Moments | Quarter-Finals | Emirates FA Cup 19/20

The Emirates FA Cup returned as Norwich City hosted Manchester United at Carrow Road in the first quarter-final. Harry Maguire’s late goal was the decider, after Todd Cantwell’s strike equalised for the Canaries.

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96 Responses

  1. Lund 396 says:

    At this point they should just move Harry Maguire to striker

  2. Tommy Morahan says:

    It’s great to see pogba back in action

  3. Caël Poynee says:

    Man.Utd semi-final now come on guys won the fa cup and the europa league come on

  4. LarsHD says:

    If only Norwich could perform like that in the league

  5. Ryan Wong says:

    Lol imagine if it went to penalties… Krul would have won again 🙁

  6. kev in says:

    Krul when he plays Manchester United: *prime Casilas*

  7. AmazingShr3y says:

    This was Man Utd’s worst performance in their 14 game unbeaten run

  8. Shahadat says:

    Unlucky Norwich 👏

    You showed great determination, despite having less players

    • awb is better than taa says:

      @Sak 67 awbs second toe on his left toe has more ability than Reece james you’re so salty we beat you 3 times😂😂😂

    • Richard Johnson says:

      @awb is better than taa Aliee🤣this guy is delusional dw about him.

    • Shahadat says:

      @Joseph Wolves are in great form and Leicester are still 6 points in front

    • Sak 67 says:

      @awb is better than taa salty naa were above you and no hes not. He is better though but trent is the best. Be rrl. Like i said u won the battle but we won the war. Watch when wolves overtake ya

    • Kelven peter Jackson says:

      @R N look at the budgets Norwich cannot possibly compete … You do the maths .

  9. Ashton Mackay says:

    Pogba was pure class again coming off the bench, the difference maker 🇫🇷🔥

  10. ★_Vizualize_★ says:

    This was the worst game in a long time for United. The B team killed the momentum for the subs. No patterns and tactics to breakdown defences. So rubbish at breaking defence. Smh. At least we won.

    • DisobeyToday says:

      It was an exercise in keeping the ball and being patient.
      Last season United would have lost this game with 80% possession

    • S R says:

      DisobeyToday true

    • Ayy lmao says:

      @Zack Nah, we had problem breaking them down too. The B team that started moved the team too slow. And notice how it’s Bruno with the pass to Ighalo that won us a red card to klose. And Pogba’s pass to martial that hit a norwich defender and landed in front of Maguire.

    • Alankar Agarwal says:

      After 3 months break you can expect that from our second choice XI

    • Rahul Mohanraj says:

      Nah the red card if that klose guy didn’t harass ighalo that’s a goal

  11. Jose Morales says:

    ighalo is such a humble person. Man it brings me joy that he’s giving it all.

  12. Alejandro Sicaju says:

    Bruh I could hear pogba celebrating

  13. gagsjj momom says:

    why is tim krul so underrated ???!

  14. Prince Wayne says:

    Do you guys realize that the so underrated Ighalo have saved Man Utd more times than ever in less than 4 matches for the club

  15. Abdul Mahmuod says:

    Let me call him legend 😂😂 IGOAL, I remember BRUCE LEE the goal he score 🤗😀😁😂

  16. Ois W910 says:

    it’s great the way they don’t show the score In the name so if you haven’t watched the match it doesn’t spoil it

  17. Ma spal pe dinti says:

    I really like this United team! Surely, they will play in the UCL next season! Respect from a Liverpool fan.

  18. The Ultimate Wanderer says:

    Martial showing true spirit in Maguire’s goal. He’s loving it atm!

    • DisobeyToday says:

      Where’s all the “Ole Out” fans gone?

    • Anon says:

      That’s what I observed too. Passion for the club and sport right there. I think the way you react to a teammate’s goal says a lot about your character and your attitude towards the team and manager. And man, he’s loving it at the moment

    • Pakistan Cricket says:

      @DisobeyToday I was Ole out and I thought he couldn’t turn it around. You see there was a right to hate him and after Burnley I was done. Then the glazers and Woodward has a choice back Ole or sack him. They decided to back him and bought Fernandes who they should’ve bought in the summer. This was the restart button for Ole. And now there’s no way you can hate Ole after a 14 no loss streak in all competitions and because of the amount of positivity around the club

    • DisobeyToday says:

      @Pakistan Cricket You are not a true United fan, you have no place at our club.
      Though I respect you for being honest.

  19. Shukria Naseer says:

    Someone give Krul a Ballond’or for those saves. The corner save from Maguires header was splendid

  20. German Kasay says:

    I really enjoy when Ighalo scores. He is living his dream ❤

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