Not So Sexy Lifeguard

Not So Sexy Lifeguard

Heard someone say YouTubers only upload videos that make them look good. Heh. We’re all human bruh ^_^
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Textually Active 2:
Not So Sexy Server:

Mystery video:

SNAPCHAT: swoozie_snaps

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Video Details:
Camera: Canon 7D 55mm lens
Edited: Final Cut express
Art on: Photoshop Adobe Creative Cloud

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20 Responses

  1. Frok THEBEAST says:

    Says no views but has 61 likes?

  2. Keep Digging says:

    if you like this comment then you liked this comment

  3. sWooZie says:

    RIP my re-hire status at theHard Rock Hotel!!!

  4. Melany Camila says:

    If I ever see u in person I’d be showering you with compliments too lmaooo

  5. LTE Gamer says:

    302 People who like this comment will find a iPhone 7s

    Sub to my channel and get one send to your house!

  6. Abdullah Morrison says:

    jokes on you, 60 percent is a pass in Canada.

  7. Infamous Swoosh says:

    dang i love these kind of videos, who else?

  8. Kenechi says:

    did he just say 60% is an F, its a D smh

  9. joshin'round says:

    I don’t know what world you live in or what school you went to, but sixty
    percent is definitely a D. And if there’s anything I’m giving the D to,
    it’s life.

  10. Lily I. says:

    60% is a D but alright.

  11. Le best says:

    Jokes on you 60% is a pass in my school

  12. CHRIS JONES says:

    60% is a D not an F

  13. Steven B says:

    What if that lady was trying to distract you and she wanted the dad to

  14. Jundas says:

    “Well obviously you’re not doing a good job supervising me because, look at
    this. Look at what you did!”” This is the quote I will make that gets me

  15. Nick Petak says:

    60% is a D not a F

  16. Jet Diiamond says:

    still one of my favorite you tuber

  17. itsAlexClark says:

    Dude should have known Swoozie had ladies to talk to

  18. KING RAGE says:

    Day boy swoozie looking fresh

  19. koolyokam007 says:

    Swoozie was really nonchalant about a possible drowning on his lifegaurd
    watch. I would have freaked out.

  20. hyuneeEats says:

    I just found your channel through Domics and I’m in LOVE with your
    channel? #newsubscriber ??