Not the Confederate Flag

Not the Confederate Flag

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  1. mage davee says:

    Actually the last flag was plain white.

  2. Joe Mafroush says:

    I liked this video partially because it was good and mostly because 2
    videos in one month is some kind of miracle

  3. PAXperMortem says:

    Why are all of them women? Fuck this feminism bullshit!

  4. PAXperMortem says:

    That is the flag of Austria, not the flag of the Austrian Empire. Huge

  5. Enter the Braggn' says:

    They’re cucks are they?

  6. KryptKicker5 says:

    +DarthSaiyanGod The I You’re welcome.

  7. spopple88 says:

    But the flag is a confederate flag, just one of several

  8. Tashayla Borden says:

    It’s a different flag to represent the same rebellion, the same confederacy

  9. SlypherSpoons says:

    +Claire Janda What’s the matter, got triggered by the truth. Even studies
    show that even when they are a bunch of SJW white females who spout the
    same garbage that you do, if they live in the South, even they feel more
    unconscious fear around blacks. Racism is genetics, and they cannot run
    away from it, even if these closeted racist want to be anti-racists
    activist. Racism is a survival tactic. Racial differences are genetic.

    Go fuck yourself, never spout falsehoods, I’ll rather be around the dumbest
    white racist, because even they are more pleasant to be around then the
    majority of southern blacks.

  10. xnamkcor X says:

    If this is a battle flag, does that mean we can legally test it’s bearers
    as enemy combatants?

  11. KryptKicker5 says:

    lol Judging by some of the present comments I can see the public
    institutions of learning have done a bang-up job indoctrinating the average
    drug-addled American youth. Here let’s start a new one shall we? “Dylann
    Roof was also photographed in pants… PANTS MUST BE RACIST! BAN PANTS!”

  12. Qui Le (quile78) says:

    This is the confederate battle flag. 

  13. pHappyfeet says:

    INB4 YouTube bans this video for displaying this flag.

  14. Techno sailor says:

    The United States flag is a representation of freedom. The confederate flag
    is a reminder of what the war was a fight for ” rights ” the confederate
    flag in todays modern age is being used by people as a racist symbol. so it
    should be removed

  15. SlypherSpoons says:

    The way the United States has treated the South is absolutely pathetic. The
    way the US took part in its revenge during the reconstruction. The fact
    that they happily stereotype them as stupid and slur them at all times
    (Ever since the beginning, they were always making fun of the stupid
    illiterate redneck cousin fuckers that it has stuck to many southerners),
    happily ignored the fact that it had the worst rates of poverty in the US.
    Even though, of course, liberals will tell you just how much they care
    about the “poor”. Then they smash their monuments, deny the idea of
    Southern culture,take away their flag, and engage in historical revisionist
    so dumbasses will be okay with it. Ignoring the real factors that led to
    the Charleston shooter because hey, why do that? Surprised they haven’t
    blamed video games yet.

    Oh, but that’s not the best part. The best part is how they call the South
    a bunch of racist. Yet almost every single race riot in the past 30 years
    have happened in the North, and all of them are just as racially segregated
    as the South.

    The winners write history.

  16. MaT Bass says:

    Still represents it for me, so ima keep saying that it is a stupid flag

  17. themagicianschanel says:

    I get why people want it removed from public buildings but why are
    companies stopping the sale of it. It is not a symbol of racism. People can
    still buy the British Flag in America and we fought a war against them too.

  18. watanabe757 says:

    It’s also the same when people wear CHE shirt for Freedom but didn’t know
    it’s pure Communism…

  19. Philippe Auguste says:


  20. Matthew Treebirch says:

    Who gives a shit?