Not The Video We Wanted to Make

Not The Video We Wanted to Make

We’re back at our cabin in the woods but we receive some unexpected news. We love you Lectric! Thanks for keeping us moving (even through treatment) and for sponsoring this video. Check them out here:

We can hardly believe the end of our van life era coincided with the birth of our new baby 🍵 💬 Our 7 tea blends are now available to enjoy over a good chat with yourself, your bestie, your grandma, your lover. Shop now ☀️

Welcome back to our cabin in the woods. We haven’t been here since Bec finished treatment for breast cancer and there are so many difficult memories in these spaces. Then, to receive a call back for another mammogram and biopsy has sent us into a bit of a spiral. We are trying to remain positive and we appreciate each and every one of you! We really debated whether or not to post this episode but you all have been a part of our breast cancer journey from day 1. It feels like you should definitely be a part of the story as it continues ❤️🥰☀️

0:14 the video we DID want to make
1:33 dump run 🏃‍♀️
3:40 our worst contractors ever!
6:14 call from Bec’s doctors
9:47 ice cold polar plunge 💧
11:47 cabin morning routine
16:15 family bike ride
18:47 this was so dangerous 😬
19:53 our greenhouse update
22:37 iced strawberry matcha latte
25:24 staying strong 💪
27:50 anxiety about cancer recurrence
29:30 Habit photography sesh
30:52 doctors call

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24 Responses

  1. Urfavdiabetic🙈 says:

    I hope you guys are ok! 1.19 million people are here for you guys!!❤️❤️

  2. ThatGingerHannah says:

    Eamon was wondering what to say but he was doing a great job of trying to be hopeful and just be there for her even if he had nothing to say. That alone is usually what is needed. Just someone to be around and be supportive in hard times. ❤️

    • Joe Zaccaris says:

      Yeah you can tell Eamon is truly in synch with Bec — knows when words will just make things more complicated

  3. Lisa Tingley says:

    Thank you Bec for working out for me, I was a 911 operator for almost 25 years. In 2018 I had a mental collapse due to stress from the job. An officer was killed that day and I was so upset that I asked to go home 4 hours early ( not telling her why). She had me come into her office and shut the door, that’s when I had my emotional breakdown and explained what I had been going thru at work for the pat 6 months. They made me fill out forms and drove me to a state comp clinic, where the doctor put me off due to accumulation of stress from work. It’s a long story, I won’t bore you with. I loved my job, my hubby, kids and life. I have been fighting since August of 2018 to be retired occupationally. I was so depressed all I did was sit in a recliner for 2 years and lost the use of my right leg, the ligaments in my heel locked up and my heel is an inch and a half high. I can’t get it to reach the ground. So when you say for all who can’t. It made me cry. I was so active. I know it’s not the big “C” word, not even comparable. Thank you again tho ❤️. I do understand the grieving too. I loved helping people, having the first call and helping save peoples lives. I would go back in a heartbeat. I’m praying for you! You are a ray of sunlight that pulls me out of a funk. I hope I haven’t offended you or any of your viewers who read this. Your husband reminds me of mine. So supportive. We are closer to 60 than 50. Met at 38. He’s my best friend. God bless, Everything gonna be alright 🌞😎💓

    • Julianne L says:

      I did 911 dispatch for a year, and that took a load on my mental health, can’t imagine 25 years. I have so much respect for you and stay strong❤

  4. Cassidy Christine says:

    My mother in law has been struggling with breast cancer and chemo has been so hard. I keep thinking about you and your journey as we navigate family life with her illness. You have so many people in your corner, guys ❤

  5. Jonelle Sandel says:

    ❤ As someone who went through almost two years of increasingly complex cancer treatments to find something that worked, my heart was in my throat when I saw the title of your vid, however the outcome, I am 7 years cancer free and my girls are now teens and about to head off to college!🎉 My energy as well as everyone else that commented and liked are with you both. Totally get you not wanting to share but we watch because we love both of your souls not just for happy stuff only.

  6. Megan Smith says:

    When you said “I can’t be a good mom if I’m not alive” I teared up. My mom died of breast cancer when I was 16 because she did not see a doctor regularly. It is likely she would still be with us today if she had gone earlier and taken more precautions. You are so strong and you will get through this. You will both make amazing parents one day.

  7. Savanah Frandsen says:

    When I tell you my stomach sank when I saw the title. I feel confident saying that your audience doesnt JUST watch for positivity, fun adventures, some project you’re working on, a yummy recipe, Oso cutesness, etc – we love those things but we watch because somehow someway, you’ve made us feel like we are apart of your life as much as you are apart of ours. We watch because we love you guys, Oso, the family, your journeys and we will always be here for the good, bad, and the ugly. While we may have subscribed for entertainment we stay because it feels like now we are checking in on our old friends. Sending my best!! See you next time🤍

    • Pamela Leanne Freeland says:

      Absolutely. Parasocial relationships are a real thing, and somehow we all do feel a part of your lives, even in some distant way. We watch because we care, and I hope you can feel all of the love radiating from these comments. We love you! 💜🤗

    • Lourdes Waite says:

      💯 agree.

    • Kerry Cordes says:

      Yes!! Best comment I have seen that summarizes it.

    • Jen Ocean says:

      So well said!

    • Jonathan Vincent says:

      @Eamon & Bec Just know that what ever is going on throughout the week there are people all round the world that are thinking of you…… you are never alone,

      Eamon and Bec you have got this 🤗🙏

  8. Fia Lindstedt says:

    “You did not tune in here to feel down” – no, we tuned in to support you through all of this. ❤ Sending love and strength!

  9. Juli Hauber says:

    Never, ever again – apologize for a post that isn’t “completely happy and upbeat” I (we) are invested in YOU! SO happy for the doc calling. You got this. Over and over, again. Sending love and prayers for Spring! 💐

  10. Smill at Home says:

    I just came back to YouTube after losing my hubby to cancer, but he lived 8 years longer than they thought he could. Keeping a positive outlook can make a huge difference. I know it keeps you on a rollercoaster of emotions and is always lurking in the background, but you guys have a great life. I hope you can focus on living that great life.

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