Not The White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Pt. 7: Special Guest George W. Bush

Not The White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Pt. 7: Special Guest George W. Bush

A special, newly image-rehabilitated former president makes a surprise appearance.

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20 Responses

  1. Geospasmic says:

    I’m torn between the frustration I feel at the forgiveness that Bush The Lesser seems to be getting from the press because he’s not Trump and the warm rush of relief and affection I feel at a brief, glorious moment with Will Ferrell and the pre-Trump years. It’s confusing.

  2. Mrs. Dixon32 says:


  3. Karan Gera says:

    Read the title, Cringe.
    Watch Will Ferrell come out instead, PRICELESS BABY

  4. De Libertatem says:

    How do you like me now? Hahahahahahaha

  5. Reply Soon says:


  6. Justin Ramroop says:

    GWB was actually a pretty big health nut, if I remember correctly. He used to run every day at the White House.

  7. Scupacium says:

    the tie stops at the belt

  8. UNC GRAD says:

    Trump makes Bush look like a genius! *SAD!*

  9. PG 89 says:

    YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! HAHA he’s back! Will!!!

  10. CN what I'm Saiyan? says:

    Tacos rule!

  11. Mukul Saini says:

    “How’d you like me now” – Richard Nixon (after another 100 days, probably)

  12. Karl Fernandez-Cao says:

    Loved this, seriously loved it.

  13. Candice Nicole says:

    That moment you realize you miss Bush.

  14. BigDog says:

    Samantha Bee for WH Correspondent’s Dinner 2018!

  15. clipobserver says:

    Said what you will about W but he had much thicker skin than that snowflake Trump.

  16. K C says:

    W is the precursor to Trump. W brought to the fore the ugliness of ignorant white racism under Christian values. Without him, Trump’s election would would not have been possible. So comparing him to Trump in a nostalgic manner is quite problematic.

  17. New Message says:

    You know he sits there, painting his horrible, horrible little pictures..smirking to himself, secure in the knowledge he will not be remembered as America’s worst President ever. Sometimes, being #2 is pretty sweet.

  18. Arctrooper Rob says:

    Honestly, Republic Commando deserves a remaster. Samantha bee is trash and so is Bush

  19. Kerrie Redgate says:


  20. Jimmy Topdog says:

    ferrell ; genius. my face hurts from smiling

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