Notre Dame: Blaze engulfs medieval icon – BBC News

Notre Dame: Blaze engulfs medieval icon – BBC News

It is one of the most famous buildings in the world. It has stood on the banks of the river Seine for more than 800 years. Tonight Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is completely engulfed by fire.

Huge crowds gathered in the streets around it – many were in tears. Notre Dame took 200 years to build – it’s one of the greatest treasures of medieval architecture. Tonight it lies in ruins.

BBC News at Ten’s breaking coverage of the decimation of one of the world’s most iconic buildings, with Sophie Raworth, Lucy Williamson and Fergal Keane.

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32 Responses

  1. emilia. obr says:

    so sad I remember going when I was little and thinking it could be a princess castle now seeing it in flames is devastating.

  2. John Zhou says:

    A sad day for Paris ,France as well as for human being

  3. Doris Dabish says:

    My prayers are with all in Paris and the world for this tragic cultural and religious iconic loss.. I am gtratedul to have climbed its towers and to have seen its splendor. God bless us all

  4. De Viaje con Mamá says:

    I hope french can save as much as possible, this place must be rebuilt, is a World heritage.

  5. Maria Teresa says:

    Nuestros pensamientos y oraciones para todo Francia. Desde California ?? un saludo! ???

  6. Victoria Lynough says:

    The sadness in my heart for the loss of so much beauty and history is overwhelming

  7. Music Love says:

    My heart breaks that a piece of history has been destroyed today. It is my prayer that no lives are lost in fighting the fire. And that in time restoration will begin to repair the damage.

  8. Harishe T says:

    Heart breaking news for Paris upsetting news. Love from India

  9. Bonnie Hogancamp says:

    No words can bring enough comfort for the French people and the world with the destruction. of this beautiful place of worship.

  10. triana d says:

    I’m here in America and this is so sad ? history just gone. Something was done or did carelessly by the workers

  11. Gary Edwards says:

    The whole world is mourning this loss. I have been inside there in 1968 as a 14yr old and this hurts me to the core. I pray for the people of France and the world for this tragic loss. Maybe they can create something new out of the ashes to keep the symbol of what that structure stood for.

    • Brian Mastel says:

      Gary Edwards the whole world????? i bet your islamic friends are celebrating it

    • Megan Cox says:

      It’s too devastating. I think all they can do is rebuild it just as it was and put this fire behind us. I know that sounds like denial but nothing else will do.

    • Kyle Dawson says:

      +Brian Mastel I was reading through the comments in case I encountered one of your kind. I am indifferent to this “tragedy” as we can either just rebuild it again or use the space to build homes. No, I am not Islamic.

    • VivaMessico says:

      I am celebrating. Rid the world of this catholic cancer.

  12. Jewel Mahmud says:

    No words can describe their pain! This massive lose can never be recovered. Love and condolences from Bangladesh for those affected families.

    • Tactical Nuke says:

      +dan hilton not a single person died, but a building of art which was built upon the work of countless people did.

  13. Dianna Nunez says:

    Sorry what happen the church ⛪ of Notre Dame Cathedral pray for ?? France??

  14. Chris H says:

    The historical importance of this great church goes without saying. This is a devastating blow to the history of European culture. I just wish I had the chance to see Notre Dame in person before this catastrophe.

  15. Megan Cox says:

    Sending so much love from Australia. We are heartbroken for France and your Grand Old Lady.

  16. Dee Nagara says:

    We pray for France, with love from Malaysia!!!!

  17. YUNG-HSIANG WANG says:

    Prayers from Taiwan. It is a lost for all of us. 🙁

  18. 潘德拉貢阿爾托莉雅 says:

    so sad to hear about this,deepest condolence from china

  19. Mikes Holmes says:

    I love this landmark too much. Such a painful happening. Looks like I have to re-install Assassin’s Creed Unity to take a look back.

  20. blue boy says:

    Should have been the Houses of Parliament, nobody would have been saddened by that.

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