Notre Dame vs. Florida State Condensed Game | 2021 ACC Football

Notre Dame vs. Florida State Condensed Game | 2021 ACC Football

The Florida State Seminoles lost in overtime against the reloaded Notre Dame Fighting Irish who went to the CFP last season. The game featured 79 points, including 5 touchdowns by each team, 873 combined yards of offense and countless great plays. Included in the excitement was McKenzie Milton returning to college football action two years after a catastrophic knee injury and leading FSU on a key touchdown drive and down the field for the game-tying field goal.

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38 Responses

  1. e Jerome says:

    As an ND fan, great effort by FSU. They found their new starter and they should have a ton of confidence. College football is just better with FSU being relevant again.

    • Smiles And Cries says:

      @Universal Khaos nobody cares that you’re a Tennessee fan

    • Dave Rodriguez says:

      @Raz Films yes and and scored 21 off turnovers.. we missed the game winning field goal in Ot.. and we missed an extra point in regulation that would have simply just had us win the game with no OT.. Florida state handed the game away unfortunately

    • Dj Goated says:

      If notre dame some how get in the playoffs just to get whoop again with that weak schedule ima riot this the most overrated team I ever seen

    • e Jerome says:

      @Dj Goated If I wanted to hear a whining bitch I’d stomp my dog

    • Raz Films says:

      @W Williams That’s the point, jabroni. He clearly roughed the punter. Running into is more for incidental contact. He crushed him, both legs, spun him around completely. Watch it again. If that’s not roughing, what is? Stabbing him? Hitting with a baseball bat?

  2. HippiePlayerOne says:

    Keep up these type of uploads I love the condensed games it allows me to feel how the game went in a condensed version thanks. It’s great when I don’t have time to watch the game live

  3. VSauce 4 says:

    Milton is such a legend just for making it back. He’s a big reason I started watching college football.

  4. Chaotic Ape says:

    “The entire team should be executed”
    – Coach Brian Kelly

    • Lamar Kirk says:

      @Bob Smith you dont even make since asshat, how did I lose something that never started lmao, your name is bob hahahaha, you already lost in life, stay in your lane.

    • Krisis says:

      @teal Kenobi and got clapped all three times. As an Irish fan I’m tired of it.

    • Winston Lewis says:

      @CrazyWeatherDudestill better resumé then 95% of coaches in college football why would you replace that with the unknown their next coach might be a guy who can barely scratch out 3 wins.

    • Don't Retreat Die On Your Feet says:

      @Winston Lewis Lol you don’t know that but I will give him credit because he has had shyt for QB’s. Anyone who can make it that far with Book deserves a contract

    • D A says:

      @teal Kenobi easy to make the playoff when you’re not in a conference.

  5. William Wind says:

    Well done Noles, best I’ve seen in years! Keep improving! Also, well done ND, what an atmosphere 🤩

  6. M Dutchy says:

    Last few years FSU would have quit. They fought all game. I am tired of losing but I say this. I see big improvement.

  7. Adrian Mitchell says:

    Na, FSU still performed exceptionally well, can’t even be mad.

  8. Corey Morgan says:

    My Noles played a great game made 1 too many mistakes but showed some heart out their last night I’m proud to see our swag come back a little bit

  9. sean says:

    really excited to see what fsu can get done this year. notre dame looks legit too

  10. Ace Hume says:

    I drove 6 hours for this game and don’t regret it despite the loss. This FSU team looks REAL GOOD

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