Now I Know My ABCs (…Epilogue) | Alphabet Lore

Now I Know My ABCs (…Epilogue) | Alphabet Lore

If you thought the “Alphabet Lore” story felt unfinished… you were right. When I started these as daily exercises, I planned 28 videos for the 28 days of February (with Y, n, Z, + “Epilogue” being the final four).

I knew this one would take a while, so I uploaded the A-Z(…) Compilation in the meantime, and planned to quietly replace with a completed one before too many people had seen it, but it blew up beyond my wildest expectations.

Thanks to everyone who’s shown so much support for “Alphabet Lore”. I’m so proud to have finished this chapter, and I’m looking forward to showing you all what’s next! If you’d like to support my upcoming projects, here’s my Patreon:

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31 Responses

  1. 토파즈 says:

    you did it again with the emotional rollacoaster,my heart is pounding with joy.
    ans thus,this is the proof that you can make a very well-made masterpiece storyline that makes people emotional with the simplist things like the letters of the alphabet.

    also,spoiler warning: YOOO Z saves the day!! also i am very interested that the … gems can rewind time/changing time.
    also lowercase z is very cute,i am suprised that lowercase z is exact same design that i imagined.(non-firey/burning planet like,just a smaller version of the uppercase design+with less teeth)

  2. SmartEpic says:

    I remember when I first watched Alphabet Lore I felt that the ending was unfinished but a continuation would never come out until I saw this, what a heartwarming ending. Also we finally got to see lowercase Z.

  3. ꧁Knot_Roblox꧂ says:

    this guy needs a Oscars award for this.

  4. Shadow Eevee says:

    This is what should have happened in the lore itself 😭❤

  5. Professor poyo says:

    Truly this has been a masterpiece that deserves to be in the movies

  6. Peaceful Soy Souce says:

    this is an absolute cinematic masterpiece, some one give this guy an award

  7. Charles says:

    I like how n decided to return P’s (future) kindness towards him by crying her the exclamation mark

  8. 🎵RETRO_CARL🎵 says:

    wow this is an absolute cinematic masterpiece, some one give this guy an award now!

  9. F says:

    Finally a friendship that we all needed

  10. FuntimeAdam 262! //Original variety poster says:

    This was the perfect series. It just goes to show that things in the past could be undone if you make up for it. This is just the perfect epilogue to finish it all. But now comes one final question. If this epilogue is called ‘Now I know my ABCs’, will there be a sequel to this epilogue called ‘Next time won’t you sing with me?’

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