NRL 2023 | Dolphins v Sydney Roosters | Match Highlights

NRL 2023 | Dolphins v Sydney Roosters | Match Highlights

The Dolphins host the Sydney Roosters in Round 1 of the NRL Telstra Premiership


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29 Responses

  1. I'm Always Right says:

    The feel good story of the year. The Dolphins are gonna be a joy to watch.

  2. realG. says:

    Kaufusi smacked all his targets 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Chill Luke says:

    Dolphins defence was brutal & to beat a stacked Roosters first game is crazy

  4. Simply says:

    Absolutely outstanding from the dolphins! Too good. Felise kafusi was on fire today!

  5. Martin Pye says:

    I’m a Roosters fan, but the Dolphins were amazing. Good highlights. Think a lot of teams just expect the Dolphins to be a pushover, but they’ll be rethinking that one after this win. Well done. Respect from the UK.

  6. Zon Motlop says:

    Both left and ride sides are a dangerous combo, solid defensive power in the middle. Bennett is a master

  7. God Emperor of Mankind 3.0 says:

    Amazing win, Dolphins! Congratulations on making history. Taking down one of the comp’s heavyweights in round 1 is a great start! Just goes to show a champion team can defeat a team of champions. Marshall King was great and fast. Hammer is solid in the number 1 jersey. Defence is much improved since the trials, especially Kaufusi. No Manu, Crichton or JWH hurt the Chooks, but that’s no excuse for the poor and disappointing defence, errors and discipline. Hopefully they will gel better as the season goes on.

    • VNexoV says:

      @God Emperor of Mankind 3.0  they had no Joseph manu or Angus Christopher or Jared Waerea Hargreaves they lacked good forwards in that game for sure not saying it would’ve changed the score but kinda hurt them big time.

    • Striker Bowls says:


    • Rod says:

      @M, you again. Obviously haven’t been watching the A League lately.

    • God Emperor of Mankind 3.0 says:

      @Tim089 never said they werent. but almost the ENTIRE roosters best 17 is rep stars. only panthers can match them in terms of how many played in the world cup last year.

    • Shane Wilson says:

      @Niuean Tank report him

  8. Samilou Noga says:

    Watched this game live and it was outstanding. Brilliant game from the Dolphins🐬

  9. DELORYAN says:

    Im a a dolphins fan from the NFL and now im a dolphins fan in the NRL.

    • DELORYAN says:

      @Good Day yeah u got a point there i agree with dingos should be a team.

    • DELORYAN says:

      @Good Day Red is the color the water turn when they rip apart their opponents.

    • Good Day says:

      @DELORYAN Does anyone know why not one team has an actual Australian animal or thing? Dingos would have been tight for example

    • Good Day says:

      @DELORYAN mm yeah idk. I’m beimg technical af but….they’re colours are red? Red dolphins Haha idk

    • DELORYAN says:

      @Good Day Dolphins play catch with pufferfish and get absolutely faded in the process. Its a perfect name for a team. Dolphins are the best animal in the ocean.

  10. josiah tupou says:

    How good was that!! Absolute scenes even the camera lady at the end wiping tears 🙌🏾

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