NRL Pre-Season 2023 | New Zealand Warriors v Wests Tigers | Match Highlights

NRL Pre-Season 2023 | New Zealand Warriors v Wests Tigers | Match Highlights

The New Zealand Warriors host the Wests Tigers during Round 1 of the 2023 NRL Pre-Season Challenge


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32 Responses

  1. Joshua Browne says:

    Seems like the warriors recruited very smartly in the off season. Some good young talent there. Let’s hope they perform

  2. Dj Paul says:

    I hope the warriors can play like this in the real games especially with the top nrl teams

  3. Pantherking says:

    With everything NZ has suffered recently, it would be nice to see something good go their way for a change & if this is a taster of what’s to come potentially, I think the Warriors could just be the dark horse of 2023

  4. 12 says:

    Luke Metcalf ball playing ability is a very good addition to the Warriors squad.

  5. Lina Dicktator says:

    Signs a looking good for the Warriors.! I’ve always liked Montoya.. and Bunty adding a pass to his game is going to be a bonus. But the halves is where it’s at with Metcalf and Martin..
    Good early signs.. They look very fit.!

  6. STH AUCKS says:

    Please make the highlights 10 to 15 minutes like they do in the NFL , trust 🙏

    • Young Escanor says:

      Extended highlights is all we need, big tackles, good runs, sin bins, challenges, 40/20, tries, tmo. Just add everything the same way NFL does their highlights. After the 10 min extended highlights then just upload the full game 2 days later

    • STH AUCKS says:

      @Faiga Vaega I think just something to make the game more interesting and entertaining, because most of time these highlights miss a lot of exciting tackles and plays.

    • STH AUCKS says:

      @Adam Campbell idk about you but who watches TV these days? Unless you have a smart TV then yes, or you have membersship with sky TV then yeah go for it, but most people these days use apps or media to watch sports so idk… it depends on how you enjoy your entertainment. 🤷‍♂️

    • Faiga Vaega says:

      It’s only preseason, calm down😂

    • STH AUCKS says:

      @jerry stackhouse yeah I saw that, they use to put up normal highlights which was 4 to 5 minutes then extended highlights which was 10 to 13 minutes, and then a day later they would upload the full game. like whats the point of putting up 3 different versions of the same game on youtube? Just put up the extended highlight version on youtube and call it “game highlights” instead of what they called it before “extended highlights”. Get rid of the 4 to 5 minutes highlights leave the full game version to the TV audience.

  7. KRXDDA says:

    Marcelo Montoya with the hat trick. Holding it down for Campbelltown 🙏

  8. Antonios Vorrias says:

    Well done warriors. Nz commentary team top work, especially refreshing to hear the names pronounced correctly (compared to Aussie commentary). I know it is preseason, but crowd size looked disappointing.

    • Germanic Barbarian says:

      Mate, it’s hard to get names right. Try pronouncing a German, Polish, Italian, Indian, African, etc, teams’ names. It’s very difficult to call a fast game like league and get everyone’s name right. No one does it better than the 12th Man.

    • Hatterway says:

      it was members only to give back to the supporters

    • RunitStraight says:

      Was members only for this game

  9. Crazy prayingmantis says:

    The Tigers looked like a shambles, hopefully Brooks and Douehi stay on the park because we have no depth in the halves.

    Stephano looked great, Pole, Matamua, Bula and Jordan Hill especially looked good with limited minutes and touches but passed the eye test for me.

  10. Matt Mann says:

    As a tigers fan …. Here we go again 😔 man just hurts

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