NROL-76 Launch Webcast

NROL-76 Launch Webcast

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20 Responses

  1. CONTRA says:


  2. SahasaV says:

    10/10 – would watch again

  3. Simon and Simon says:

    very kerbal!

  4. Vib3s says:

    Crazy beautiful landing footage. Did a great job keeping track of it on it’s way down.

  5. Zaragil von Slangenwald says:

    Now I will be speechless for a while. That left camera view… Just wow.

  6. John5200 says:

    The hype when I saw the speed indicator does not go up to orbital velocity and the slow realization it will stick to first stage telemetry 😀
    Thank you SpaceX that was awesome

  7. AlltagsPsychologie says:

    Wow. Just wow. And please keep these new camera angles and the stage 1 telemetry.

  8. Florian Fikkert says:

    Awesome footage and coverage! When is the next launch?!

  9. Phoenix 909 says:

    what a time to be alive

  10. Merilix2 says:

    very nice footage from the tracking cam. I never seen that on previous streams.

  11. nemofish says:

    Future! Future!!! I see you!

  12. Karl Gookey says:

    So much for Youtube notifications. I got the notification that the stream was live after it ended.

  13. Chris Wachtman says:

    11:48 Launch
    14:20 Stage Separation (& Epic Backflip)
    19:05 Entry Burn
    20:27 Landing Burn
    20:47 Landing

  14. Vasily Ivanov says:

    You don’t call it experimental landing any more, I see.

  15. A. Arda DİLEK says:

    I’ll be so proud when I tell the future generations I’ve witnessed Elon Musk while he was doing these stuff

  16. Ethan Roberts says:

    Now watch the retarded disbelievers (flat earthers) call it fake without evidence.

  17. David K says:

    And SpaceX continues holding the record for biggest bottle flip.

    (reposted from Twitter)

  18. Douchechills says:

    *Give the ground cameraman a raise*

  19. Arcadiy Ivanov says:

    Imagine how it’s going to look with 3 boosters on Falcon Heavy, with two landing on LZs and the third landing at sea.

  20. Ryan Robbins says:

    what do flat earthers say about this?

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