NUGGETS vs TRAIL BLAZERS | Historic 4OT Instant Classic | Game 3

NUGGETS vs TRAIL BLAZERS | Historic 4OT Instant Classic | Game 3

In the first 4OT game in the NBA Playoffs during the shot clock era (1954-55) and second 4OT game in NBA Playoffs history (Boston vs. Syracuse, March 21, 1953 Game 2 Eastern Division Semifinals), the Trail Blazers defeated the Nuggets 140-137 to take a 2-1 lead in this best-of-7 series. C.J. McCollum led all scorers with an NBA Playoff career-high-tying 41 points (18 points in the 4 overtimes combined), 8 rebounds and 4 steals for the Trail Blazers in the victory. Nikola Jokic recorded 33 points (13-25 FG), 18 rebounds and 14 assists in 65 minutes of play. Jokic is the only player in NBA Playoffs history to record such a stat line and recorded the 4th-most minutes played in a single NBA Playoff game.

Game 4 ?: Nuggets vs. Trail Blazers:?: May 5th , 7:00pm/et ❓ ABC

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78 Responses

  1. LaPretty says:

    Respect to all players. Absolutely incredible game to watch. That’s what the NBA is all about

  2. Thouxanband Swavy says:

    Best series to watch in the West ???

  3. Liberty Lillibridge says:

    that was like a 4 hour game lmao

    • Little strawberry says:

      Liberty Lillibridge thats why you dont eat taco bell and drink dark liqour at the same time youll end up taking a 5 hour long dump and missing the game of a lifetim

    • -DatBoyTy- says:

      Little strawberry i feel for your toilet my friend

    • davaughn237 says:

      This comment so crazy I literally did the same thing last night no cap

  4. Kyle Worden says:

    Great game from both sides. Incredible finish

  5. angeal97 says:

    Man, Jokic basically played 2 games in 1 ??

  6. Manny Watson says:

    The first _quad overtime_ playoff game in *66 years*

  7. Mike Jones says:

    Y’all just made Jokic lose weight and get shredded after this game. Y’all done messed up now.

  8. Tanya Jackson says:

    What a great game by both teams so glad Blazers won though

  9. Carlos Garcia says:

    I wanted the Blazers to win, but low key wanted a 5th OT cause why not

  10. Imiko says:

    CJ, Hood, Kanter and Harkless all made great contributions that gave Portland the W. All of those guys deserve a pat on the back incredible performance of sheer will. Rip City!!!!!!!

    • Asmosis Jones says:

      hood outplayed barton..thats why they won

    • Formerly Known says:

      Idk about that Bartom had a career game. Maybe nor statistically but he was busting his ass making it super difficult for Portland.

    • Force 5 says:

      Ya.. Lillard could of had a better game but at least they won!

    • Matt Scarey says:

      +Formerly Known yeah that was one of the best games I’ve ever seen Barton play. Portland just has a bunch of shooters. Barton was all over Portland, and they still made crazy shots. Glad he did play great tho, bc others weren’t having as good of a game as he was. Hope he does it again so they can get a w in Portland before going home. This is one of the best matches I’ve seen in years.

    • Matt Scarey says:

      +Force 5 McCallum made up for what Lillard didn’t do. It’s hard to defend a couple players like that.

  11. FA says:

    Jokic missed that ft on purpose so the game can end lmao

    • UWGOPACKGO says:

      +c j rocket league is a good game that actually takes skill

    • UWGOPACKGO says:

      +Matt Scarey salty nugs fan

    • UWGOPACKGO says:

      +Matt Scarey he is a good player. Hes incredible but not fun to watch. It is much more fun to watch a guard light it up.

    • c j says:

      +UWGOPACKGO no it doesn’t ? know wonder why lossers like you play it??

    • UWGOPACKGO says:

      +c j explain yourself. And also Have u even played it?

      Also u should really learn how to spell. That skill proves very helpful…oh wait you watch wwe. Rip your brain cells.

  12. TongX Fps says:

    Dame: CJ, have u seen my watch tonight?
    CJ : I had it for like 10 mins but lost it.
    R.Hood: Let me try it ! ok!?

  13. Zhijie Zhang says:

    Respect to every single player,historic game!

  14. John Wu says:

    best meme for this game would be captain america “i can do this all day”

  15. Dame DOLLA says:

    Blazers been putting up some classics this playoffs

    • HipHopIsUnderground says:

      +Matt Laclair Dame had 28pts, 8 ast, and 6 reb. It’s not like he DIDN’T show up. He just hasn’t been shooting at an unreal clip like he did against Westbrook. Give credit to Denver’s perimeter defense.

    • Da West says:

      Im not going to lie but Mcollum carried, but dame was getting double teamed all game

    • zane spang says:

      People saying Dame needs to show up is funny. Just be glad his team is showing up in this series. Dame balled out in that last series.

    • UWGOPACKGO says:

      Lol if dame starts hitting any shots nugs are done for…

    • Old Cremona says:

      Most exciting team right now.

  16. Lance Mitchell says:

    Blazers are playing with so much heart gotta love it

    • Formerly Known says:

      I agree but one thing that bothered me is that our offense became so stagnant near the end of the 4th and all the OTs. Our bench was playing well and we should have at least used Collins defensively in the OTs.

    • JasminePlayzx l Roblox Tips And tricks!! says:

      Formerly Known they were tired some of the bench players had to step up and take responsibility for their actions and suck the ass

  17. Croxman 52 says:

    From tip-off straight to the middle of the 4th?

  18. Robert M says:

    Now that’s playoff basketball at its finest great game both teams deserve that win respect to both teams

  19. Testos Tyrone says:

    I’m happy for Rodney Hood. He’s capable of being a solid 3rd scoring option for Portland. He & Kanter 3a & 3b.

    • Matt Scarey says:

      Hood played with LeBron in Cleveland and was a good shooter of the bench also. I think he gets overlooked allot of the time. Most people on the bench do. But your right they played extremely well. And deserve the credit just as much as anyone else.

  20. BigHandsome519 says:

    Those fans probably didn’t get home till 3 in the morning lol got their money worth tho

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