Nvidia was clearly wrong – AMD RX 7900 XT and XTX

Nvidia was clearly wrong – AMD RX 7900 XT and XTX

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AMD’s finally here to strike back against NVIDIA’s new big and bold (pricey) 4080 with the new RX 7900 XT and XTX. Linus is here to give you a first look at this new GPU that could be the upgrade you’ve been waiting for.

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0:00 Lmao
0:59 Unboxing and size comparisons
2:38 Display outputs and power connector
3:58 XT and XTX size comparison
4:22 Sponsor – Vessi Footwear
5:10 How they got BIG performance improvements
7:21 AI enhancement and encoding
8:54 Potential performance difference (kinda)
9:21 Full release date
9:56 Outro

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38 Responses

  1. Hollow says:

    These cards look SICK!! I actually love the design they went with

  2. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Definitely going for a 7900xtx for my next card. Now let’s just hope that retailers respect the MSRP. I know they are already ignoring MSRP for the AIB 4090’s.

  3. Joshua DeLaughter says:

    Man, those are such good-looking cards.

  4. kaoskilo says:

    damn… the 7900xtx is a beautiful card. I love the way it looks

  5. Habitual Offender says:

    I am glad that AMD has upped their game these last few years. Most likely Nvidia will stay in the lead, for another generation or two, but the gap is nowhere what it used to be. AMD is doing things that will make things better for everyone and force team green to improve. Ahhh competition, it’s a beautiful thing.

    • Benji Gardner says:

      @PCMasterRaceTechGod amd has not caught up. As far as the general public goes. They either get what everyone else gets or see gamers and streamers using 4090’s and just go with nvidia. Amd is definitely better with price / performance but they are going to need to be beating nvidia by a pretty significant margin to be “in the lead”

    • Steve Sherman says:

      @Nihren Just because you can add power doesn’t mean you can cool it. The 4090 is already ridiculously large. What are they gonna do, have it take up 5 slots? Or require a 4 fan AIO?

    • Slaytronic says:

      @Steve Sherman ?? how can they not we all have 1000+ watt psu’s now

    • AMV12S says:

      @Steel People buy Nvidia because of marketing, no one really cares about DLSS and RT because almost no games support it, and when it is supported, people don’t enable to don’t have frame drops. 😂
      The most used card in steam is GTX 1650, without DLSS and RT, for example.

    • AMV12S says:

      The biggest step forward was let Raja Koduri go 😂
      Now he can do that terrible cards on Intel…

  6. rover says:

    I’ll most likely be going with AMD next. I want to see how their mid-range 1080p-1440p cards are this gen.

  7. StaySic4Ever says:

    They’re great. Matte black and simple design. I do look forward to see custom cards too.

  8. William says:

    I’m excited to see how they perform. Currently on my second Radeon GPU and I don’t see myself going back to Geforce any time soon.

    • Mary F says:

      @avar1ce_ Ah. I’ve only seen the Vulkan and OpenCL results. Where did you see the DirectX benchmarks?

    • avar1ce_ says:

      @Mary F From what I’ve seen that’s specifically in Vulkan rendered games; in DirectX the 4080 outperforms the XTX slightly (<5%).

    • Mary F says:

      @walterdongato I guess it depends on what you think is slightly better. I thought I heard that the xtx was 15 to 20% better than the 4080 outside of ray-tracing, and the xt was nearing 10% better than the 4080 too.

    • walterdongato says:

      Leaks I’ve heard is that the xtx will be slightly better than a 4080 at non-ray traced work, and the xt will be slightly worse than the 4080, but better than the 408012g/4070ti. AMD still lags way behind Nvidia at ray tracing though.

  9. Flerger Bergitydersh says:

    DP 2.1 is great. There as so many older titles and not so resource hungry newer titles that should have plenty of legroom to move around in these GPUs, so it doesn’t really matter that you won’t be getting 8k 165 in Cyberpunk. You know that once HRR 8K becomes standard in 10 years or something, you will be able to actually use your monitor to its fullest potential. And that’s completely ignoring the possibility of future upscaling tech.

    I just really wish they went with PCIe 5. Sure, it would be pretty useless right now, but all it means is using fewer lanes later, and saving lanes is always good.

  10. Sav says:

    Wow, that size comparison is amazing. I think the efficiency route that AMD is pursuing will pay off in the long run. You can only go so small and only throw so much power at a desktop. Efficiency will save cost in resources, manufacturing, operating and size/cases required. The future is looking bright, or at the very least, competitive – and with a few different flavours. Hope Intel can bring some heat to add to the competition.

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