NY Pizza Rat turns to cannibalism

NY Pizza Rat turns to cannibalism

A little before midnight on Jan 2, 2016 at Jay St-Metrotech, Pizza Rat emerges from the darkness to retrieve his fallen comrade. Was it trying to “wake up” the other? Was it taking it away to eat? Will we ever know?

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10 Responses

  1. Exigentable says:


  2. potterbrain66 says:

    Welcome to New York City! Now go the fuck home.

  3. neogigo says:

    “Rat cannibalism TO GO”

  4. xmintyninjax says:

    Carrying a dead buddy to his family :(

  5. Rene Rodriquez says:

    It’s not cannibalism lmao.

    Rat’s are like any other animal companions, they never leave behind a

  6. Krystaaal says:

    I guess he was tired of pizza?

  7. Gregorio Verde says:

    rats are very intelligent. thats why we experiment on them. this rats
    looking after his buddy. we can learn from him

  8. Sanz Ray says:

    Nope.wrong title.just taking his martyred buddy back home

  9. Ali Doumbia says:


  10. RickoMiko514 says:

    Caption: When your bro is wasted