NYPD on Hoverboards?

NYPD on Hoverboards?

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19 Responses

  1. Athor215 says:

    +Athor215 It’s soo amazing


    Man I love Marlin. His reaction was amazing!
    Any idea where he’s from? 

  3. asdfgMustafa says:

    Hey! I saw you in Charlie Marie’s Vlog!

  4. 1998pinkerton says:

    philosophical thought: why do the people waiting for you in the street for
    7 hours are all virgins?

  5. wooooodward says:

    I have narcolepsy and it took me roughly 3 hours to get through your video

  6. michelle matos says:

    Casey can you just make a whole blog about Frankie! She is the cutest baby
    ever! Oh my goodness I loved the beginning clip were she’s giggling, she’s
    just to cute.

  7. Marie Sophie says:

    Notice how Casey will give rather sell a t-shirt? Dude is so frigging
    classy. Hope Marlon enjoys his phone. That was so very thoughtful of you
    guys. Great vlog Casey!

  8. artFRAGz says:

    I think it’s unfair for people to wait outside his office and when he comes
    try and guilt-trip Casey my stating they’ve been ‘waiting an x-amount of
    time’. Casey has work to do, he’s stated this numerous times, and it’s very
    obvious in his vlogs that he loves his work. Sure, visit him, hang out with
    him, he enjoys his fans too, but I just think the ‘we’ve been waiting for
    hours’ that is the whole downfall; it comes off as if Casey owes it to
    people to chase after them the moment they show up, and as if he should
    feel bad for the choice that others (or yourself) have made to wait that

  9. Josh Roberts says:

    is it just me or does Casey’s friend jack look like chandler of friends.

  10. Christopher ChildressSR says:

    About hose hover boards! My 13 yo son watched “how to get a 200 dollar
    hover board” on his own and proceeded to tell everyone about it! NOW guess
    who wants this dad to buy him a hover board? THANKS Casey! ;)

  11. Sophia Rose says:

    New slanted font on the opening. Very niceee

  12. robin verheyden says:

    guy in the elevator is high fo sho

  13. SaltLord says:

    Wtf is wrong with those kids?

  14. Saahil Khan says:

    Marlyn is too good ahahaha
    Frannie is too cute
    Great vlog 

  15. Corrotjuice16 says:

    You seem to have started a cult…

  16. Michael Campbell says:

    *creates buy marvin a ferarri indiegogo campaign*

  17. a guy with a pie says:

    Stupid bitch having a go at him for waiting 7 hours, he doesn’t go to work
    to meet kids. He is there to work and they are lucky he even goes out just
    to see them so if he is stuck working for 7 hours don’t have a go at him,
    be grateful he came to meet you!

  18. Jack Liddicoat says:

    i need to get bee unlocked omg :(

  19. First Name Last Name says:

    My god, these inventions are just going to make people even fatter! I’ve
    seen some NYPD officers who would put Rosie O’Donnell to shame.