O homem mais forte do mundo

O homem mais forte do mundo


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19 Responses

  1. cabrel tchounang says:


  2. ufewl says:

    not so much weight in the back with the engine in the front, I don’t know
    if he could life the front off the ground, but well done I would not have
    shifted it an inch lol.
    So what has he lifted? Two back wheels back seat and a plastic and metal
    frame, I expect the weight is all over the front wheels so he is basically
    pivoting that no lifting it, he probably does strong man competitions.

  3. Random guy says:

    Why am I watching this video when I don’t even know what the title means?

  4. adgjzcbbb says:

    This man’s acting make the car look like a toy

  5. Hara Deta says:

    O homem mais forte do mundo – YouTube

  6. Jjghj Gfgttrfg says:

    Ok cool….

  7. Tales Oliveira says:

    Reações naturalíssimas.

  8. ryan shewmaker says:

    If that egg with legs could ride a bike it would defy the laws of physics.

  9. maxplaying says:

    0:25 Deal with it

  10. esam kotp says:

    older version of Juliano Straw

  11. Two Wheeled Wrecks says:

    Yo don’t block the bike path bro!


  12. Tsubasahito Kouen (虹エン翼仁) says:


  13. desertcafe says:

    Holy crap! This guy is awesome!

  14. Rutas en Bicicleta says:

    ¿Como ciclista, no te han entrado ganas de hacer algo parecido?

  15. Daniel Ferrary says:

    Здоровенный мужик. Молодец.

  16. Dione Barbosa says:

    é o cara do comercial da Dunlop

  17. tidotua says:

    Вас тут нє стаяла!

  18. Saber Oue says:

    Mdr tous ca pour sa! ^^

  19. aaaaaaafffffff says:

    Sei não sei não, tá com cheiro de coisa combinada.
    O dono chegou, simplesmente pegou a parada lá que caiu no chão, jogou no
    porta malas, entrou no carro e vazou.
    Não perguntou quem fez, nem o que aconteceu, nada, só entrou e vazou como
    se nada tivesse acontecido.
    Mas conheço o Mohai, é forte bagarai mesmo, campeão de strongman.