Obama Calls Donald Trump with Debate Advice

Obama Calls Donald Trump with Debate Advice

Since Gawker leaked Trump’s phone number, President Obama called him with some advice for the first GOP debate.

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Obama Calls Donald Trump with Debate Advice

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20 Responses

  1. Emily Hanson says:

    Donald trump is a joke. I really hope he #feelsthebern !!!!

  2. Seth Garrett says:

    Trade one joke for another! Yay!

  3. Andy Steinemann says:


  4. The Law. says:

    I’d vote for Donald but I’m not American

  5. MusicFreakSion says:

    If Donald trump got elected, he would make America truly great again!
    Donald is a great negotiator and could make deals with other countries.
    Donald predicted about everything that would happened from the 80’s to
    modern day including “what would happen if we went to war in irag”. You
    really think Hillary or McCain or Jeb bush could stick up for America?
    There the reason we got into the whole mess. I’m really into politics, I
    read and watch a lot of the news and am pretty well educated that Donald
    would make a great president. All you people out there that watch this
    stuff and then think “Donald trump is so stupid”. Don’t listen to the
    media, there full of crap. It takes a smart, good negotiator, and a
    businessman to run this county and that’s what Donald is! VOTE FOR

  6. JonneyETV says:

    So funny

  7. kyler24wwe says:

    That was the worst Obama Expression EVER.

  8. basicbodybuilding says:

    Trump is the president WE NEED :)

  9. Austin Morris says:

    I’m still very confused as to why people think Donald Trump would make a
    poor president. Is he unqualified, and, if so, who’s more qualified and

  10. Angel asaduriyan says:

    that was funny

  11. RiverboatJoe says:

    +Up The Ante good. we dont want you

  12. Rudolph Davis says:

    +Rand Paul 2016, or Donald Trump 2016

  13. Nelly Ramirez says:

    Just saying I hate trump . Racist m’f .

  14. Barca4Life says:

    On how to be a waste of life?

  15. Grahame Lamblamb says:

    aha lol adentist joke lol

  16. james blaze says:

    Fuck u Jimmy Donald the man king o is a disgrace

  17. Jenny Tokumei says:

    They both look a bit too dark skinned to play the roles they’re playing.

  18. Jayden Cocuzza says:

    Screw u he would be the best president ever 

  19. Stan XCX says:

    Why do people hate trump ?!

  20. Miguel Sayago says:

    Question, if he sent all illegal back to their country, what will happen to
    the children that ain’t illegal but have illegal parents?