Obama gives Democrats tough love: ‘Enough moping’

Obama gives Democrats tough love: ‘Enough moping’

President Barack Obama rebuked some Democrats he says are complaining about the current state of affairs without doing the most they can to change the situation.

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97 Responses

  1. The Council says:

    Trump 2020 🇺🇸 Remember the dems and the Obama administration the reason these immigration laws are in place to begin with!!! You Salty Democrats

    • Zachary Van vliet says:

      Chelsea Runyan those photos are from Obamas time jack ass

    • Xavier Haymaker says:

      Chelsea Runyan Obama for 600000000000 years in prison because he actually did crimes unlike trump

    • vigorlilover says:

      Xavier Haymaker Hahahaha God you Trump supporters are blind, deaf, and dumb. Stop procreating with your family members, retarded, inbred, white trash hillbilly.

    • jordan hamilton says:

      no thats not at all true trump instituted a zero tolerance policy based off of one legislation bill which condoned the detention of migrants and a court ruling that said you could separate then children something Obama bush and Clinton never did Obama detained families but never separated them do some research don’t listen to everything Fox News tells you

    • Ronnie Dillard says:

      Look at the results people… Trump is keeping promises to his base. Democrats have become unreasonable

  2. Laura DeNigris says:

    Agree with Van, we need Obama’s tough love….

    • LibertyMinded says:

      Laura DeNigris Hahaha Trump is putting a boot in everyone’s ass while Obama and his “red line” caved to ISIS, and you call Obama “tough love”…what a joke. The angriest Obama ever got in office wasn’t at ISIS, it was at a Trump supporter at one of his rallies for Hillary. All he could do was fundraise and bullshit. Beyond that, he was USELESS

    • Felippe says:

      Obama wasn’t that tough, for better or worse.

    • Heroin Harvey says:

      Laura DeNigris need alot more than that

    • its okay says:

      Obama was a cuck. He sure took allot of “tough love” up the ass from Micheal Obama 😂

    • Pavis Gladius says:

      No we dont.he needs to go away

  3. Zezzreth Vhaorik says:

    If you’re not going to take action on situations that concern you, then the situation does not concern you enough or you have no clue as what action to take.

    • claude ghendrih says:

      Well as you should know , facts are superfluous , Irma would like us to believe that latino women root so badly for machos they condone every trumptard , I very much suspect Irma is neither latino nor female

    • Honorable Catsmeat says:

      Save yourself, let us deal with the illegals.

    • claude ghendrih says:

      Honorable Catsmeat, right let us cower in abject fear and let the devil deal with whatever spooks us . That would be you , and I have to admit you chose your handle well , the stink you bear does transcend the web

    • Sigoro Lata says:

      Right, just a bunch of whiny privileged internet activist lol

    • Jessica Lake says:

      Zezzreth Vhaorik Obama was the worse president in history.

  4. Captain Selos says:

    You know, they make it seem like donald trump can’t be talked to, but every time people have approached him in the Whitehouse willing to do business, something gets done. It’s not all about hate people, we can all work together to make america great again. Go south korea!

    • Gezzer Chan says:

      Captain Selos
      The South Korea trump threw under the bus by canceling our military exercises,?

    • TTV5 says:

      That’s not accurate at all. Dem leadership gave him a clean slate to work on in the beginning, and as usual he collapsed into insults and ego, like he always does.
      He didn’t accept a wall for DACA deal. Spent the meeting talking about “shithole” countries instead.

      Opportunity zones in this video is another example where Dems have approached Trump, but about an issue Trump and his staff hasn’t spent a second thinking about, so you can just trick concessions out of him.

      Btw, North Korea is still enriching uranium and expanding their plants. Trump can’t be trusted to keep his promise.

      If Dems stop trying and realize there’s no working with this guy, that would be great.

    • Amanda says:

      Gezzer Chan it’s not like that, it’s about stepping aside a little for them to resolve their issues. It’s something that should happen between two people, it’s not turning our back on them. N.Korea knows if they try something stupid we have S.Korea’s back completely. They want reunification and peace but they also have to work at it and talk that out. If they can atleast get peace that’s good, because they’re both not stupid reunification means one side actually giving in which makes it still unlikely for Kim Jung Un to do so and President Moon Jae would not throw S.Kprea to the North.

    • jordan hamilton says:

      because he is dumb as a rock have you ever heard the man talk. he’s dumber then my 83 year old senial grandmother like c’mon your not really that dumb to think this guy is smart and knows how to talk people he only knows how to praise he doesn’t know a single thing about policy and thats what we are missing from Obama to trump is Obama actually understood the ins and outs of policy and was able to make tough decisions based on what he thought each little thing he added would do. trump and his administration just roll out whatever policy trump hits with a dart on the dartboard and in the most chaotic way possible

    • maverickM249 says:

      and here comes the hate..

  5. Kemal T says:

    Quit moping democRATS 😂

    • Bad Hombre says:

      Democrats should stop apologizing for everything Trump doesn’t

    • Xavier Haymaker says:

      Mr. AlmostCertain demoncrats

    • Jose Mendoza says:

      Obama was your friend lmao so stop moping about it. Fox News and MSNBS just don’t want you to believe he did anything conservative when his health care policy was conservative, his immigration stance was conservative a bunch of his shit was conservative

    • Mr. AlmostCertain says:

      J. T. Haha, you’re such a libtard. All you can do is throw insults at me and about Trump and yet you still can’t give facts or form an argument about why you’re right and why I’m wrong. That’s because you have no argument, and you are overcome by your feelings. Good luck to you being brainwashed man, you seem to love it!

    • maverickM249 says:

      Fake news dude. Demos are not moping nor do they believe the world is collapsing.

  6. Michael Mortellaro says:

    Some of the smartest words this man has ever said.

  7. Ing. Eduardo Mata says:

    Urgent, Bring back Obama, S O S

  8. Dennis Janda says:

    FAKE NEWS CNN, Obama and the democrats have another 6 1/2 years of Moping to do..I’ve been invested in Kleenex and making a fortune in bleeding heart tears..Thanks Guys !!

    • Dennis Janda says:

      Georgette Mikhail..It’s the best comedy show on the tube..Didn’t you know the ‘C’ in CNN stands for Comedy ??..Now you know !!

    • Gilbert Conner says:

      Dennis Janda see who’s gonna be crying in November

    • Dennis Janda says:

      Gilbert Conner..Look who just lost in New York..That’s what Obumer was crying about at the fundraiser, his own party self-destructing..Nothing to do with Trump !!

    • jordan hamilton says:

      I’m sure you 1 didn’t invest in Kleenex and two aren’t making a fortune even if you did invest in such a ridiculous brand which doesn’t even have a PO so congrats genius your dumb as trump

    • Dennis Janda says:

      jordan hamilton..Still MOPING, huh ??..You know everything about everyone else without any personal reference about yourself..That shows an insecurity issue trying to bring me down to your level..Sorry, try somebody else, it ain’t working here, Pal !!

  9. Mr T says:

    Apparently shit posting is the new sport….anyway PHUK CNN. Watching the crash and burn of liberal media is Glorious….thanks

  10. Rob P. says:

    I miss Obama…. he is my #1 mentor.

    • Adam Pauley says:

      TheTieDyeBohemain. What you’re saying is he should have broken the law and not pay taxes??

    • Tyler Smith says:

      laurejon he did nothing which is what ppl wanted after the whole Bush era with the whole nukes in Iraq shit he filled his role fine by doing nothing

    • Jesus Loved says:

      Obama is a great leader and a wise unselfish man… Obama does not stoop low to anyone such as. I agree with Obama start now campaigning in schools colleges large cooperate areas .. social media… also go get the parents first to bring children old enough to start educating… If most people look at Morning Joe as a start they will know who NOT TO VOTE FOR… I WILL DO MY PART AGAIN… BLESSING AND WISDOM. EPHESIAN 1 :18

    • Martian Boy says:

      Fuck Obama. He gave military style weapons to the Cartels in Mexico.

    • Yeezys’ R’Gay says:

      Rob P. Oh so you’re a communist? 😂

  11. Dan Knee says:

    CNN sucks

  12. Keith Pieterse says:

    Evaluation prior to the midterm elections:
    1. Thus far Bob Mueller’s performance can be characterised as immaculate, professional, nose-to-the-grindstone, not lacking focus, impartial and according to the letter of the law. May ye who is without blemish refute this irrespective of party affiliation?!

    • Dani Watson says:

      You really think after 18 months if they had found ANY evidence it wouldn’t have come to light?

    • Nomore Illegals please says:

      Keith Pieterse.
      He is the deep state covering for Hillary and Obama crimes, He can only do it for so long. He is soon to be indicted for the uranium one scandal.He is Corrupt to the hilt.

    • Nomore Illegals please says:

      Occasional sinner,
      Comment rage!

    • Nomore Illegals please says:

      You are Indoctrinated into stupidity time traveler. You are squandering your perception of reality you idiot moron.
      Did that sting? why? Is it something your brain taught you to hate?”Your thought patterns are tampered with. After the fleeting moment in time this comment will have been forgotten and all the feelings with it are null if you want it to be.BUT Many of the indoctornated will think that the insult was wrong and seeth and seek Justice. What fckn good did that do?
      Point is. The indoctrinated are social Justice internet warriors with a passion for doing what is not right even tho they think it is.
      Anyway it goes, We are here for a fleeting moment and the thoughts and energies are not worth the hassles trying to convey our pointless insults. I am retiring from helping humans eating toothpaste.

    • Jim Engel says:

      chris ambrose there’s no sugar coating it…..you’ve used it all in your tool-aid.

  13. Veritas says:

    Fake news CNN

    • jordan hamilton says:

      how bout you go watch the real news then and get the fuck out of here go suck some more lies out of trumps asshsole

    • Veritas says:

      ChapDatText name the top 3 things he’s doing that is bad?

    • ChapDatText says:

      1 – separating parents from their kids
      2 – his own presidency itself raises racism thus led to division of the country
      3 – repealing the affordable care act
      4- here’s an extra SPACE FORCE!!
      5- another extra Calling places like haiti and africa shit holes
      i can name a ton of shit hes done wrong!

    • jordan hamilton says:

      the tariffs are bad for the country they really are ask any business owner who cares about their money your just going to have to pay higher prices from anything from an iPhone to your toilet seat cover. so enjoy that umm the policy of separating the children at the border which h alone instituted no other president chose to enforce those laws which we’re a combination of 8 us code 1313 and two other lower court hearing which culminated into this policy there was no 20 years of bad policy that trump rolled back it was 20 fucking weeks of horrendous policy. and finally your precious tax cuts more financial experts are predicting they cause some small financial crisis because there was nothing in there to pay for the damn tax cuts and no they won’t pay for themselves thats called voodoo economics and you republicans have been pushing that for 50 years get an economic policy that works like Obama who created 3.9 million jobs in his last 18 months as president compared to trump who has only creat 3.4 mil in the same time so ya suck on those facts Russian troll bot

    • jordan hamilton says:

      hey I’m on your side here but they never repealed the ACA its way to popular for them to get away with that and hey watch Trevor Noah’s video where they go out to trumps rally they are all really excited about space force even though they don’t know what its for

  14. fat kid tv says:


  15. Tempted Too says:

    Democratic party should concentrate more on American’s than illegal immigrants.

    • Zach lewis says:

      United Federation of KFC well considering that this has been going on all through out Obama’s 8 year term(and previous presidents to be fair) it seems like republicans are taking this a lot more serious that Democrats ever have. And saying that republicans aren’t attempting to help those people is a flat out lie.

    • United Federation of KFC says:

      Zach lewis Mainly because the Republicans owned the house and the Senate during Obama and ahot down most of his policies (beneficial or not). You can’t do much as president when no one wants to back you up.

    • jordan hamilton says:

      but thats not true at all lmfao there was no policy of separating families at the border under president Obama do some research homie as in it never happened ever didn’t happen there was no policy of separating families at the border under any president other then trump and if there was go back and find me media reports from his years that support your bullshit claim. and you think republicans give a fuck about those people they call them illegal aliens one man from Honduras shot themselves after their son was taken away from him at the border. because he knew he wouldn’t see him again. and you think republicans care the only thing they care about are their big donors and the only thing they want is to use this as political gain to get support for your dumb ass fuckng deficit tripling border wall

    • Buttfuse says:

      Tempted Too what do you mean?

    • maverickM249 says:


  16. Joseph Morris says:

    CNN…. Clinton News Network

  17. ancel1961 says:

    Van Jones said, ”I was much more prepared for Trump to win, then for Kennedy to resign…That to me a much bigger deal.”
    Wasn’t Van Jones the one who damn near cried on National TV the night Trump won the election?
    If Van teared up on election night, CNN should have had him committed when Anthony Kennedy announced his resignation.

    • Chris Buck says:

      ancel1961 I believe he was the cry baby who referred to it as a “whitelash”

    • Nami Dehya says:

      ancel1961 😇😇😇😇 excellent… Van Jones may have ‘special’ reasons to be worried, being a reported ‘special friend’ of the Fake African with 27 names…. Trump will expose that too.

    • Cali Killa Klown says:

      Real M yes trump has racist supporters. Yes trump is racist. Yes he’s a piece of crap. But Hillary was corrupt too and ppl saw that. Why everyone didn’t vote Libertarian is beyond me but that’s what they chose. Let’s choose again in 2020

    • Cali Killa Klown says:

      j g u sure like to spout get out to citizens born here. Is that how u will feel if this turns into nazi Germany? Grow a heart, for your own sake

    • michaelthemovieman says:

      Cali Killa Klown Did you live under Obama’s reign? Then you know already what Nazi Germany was like.

  18. Nix 41 says:

    Even Obama is telling the snowflakes to move on and join reality.

  19. apostate001 says:

    Barack “lost more than 1000 Democrat controlled seats” Obama can STFU! FDR’s greatest legacy is that he saved America from fascism. Obama did not.

    • stephanie says:

      apostate001 ….Oh wait..wasn’t that during the time that the radical tea party movement tried to take a over the GOP and ousted Boehner?? Obama may have lost those seats due to inexperience, maybe policies, but there were factors such as race, tea party movement and the GOP that was not in his control.

  20. REAl REAction says:

    Obama did nothing.

    • DjJokerr says:

      Stacy Will Says the brainwashed dumb liberal, what did Obama do exactly? He was as useless as George W Bush..

    • runmyfade says:

      Shez what are all these things trump has done so far? separate families?

    • Mr. Spiteful420 says:

      REAl REAction Yet he managed to pull us out of a recession and accomplish more than Trump has in the same amount of time.

    • Es Zee says:

      michaelthemovieman unemployment if far far lower under Bush Jr and Obama turn the country around. Bush handed over America to Obama in shambles. Obama handed over America to Trump with a good economy on the upswing. Shameless Trump and his supporters taking credit with little work done since taking over. So laughable.

    • K Flores says:

      A Matt – Wow, Impressive list!!!

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